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The Raised Row Gardening Book -The Ultimate Guide To Simple Gardening!

Our Raised Row Gardening Book is now a reality!

raised row gardening book

The front cover of the book.

When we first began our little experimental raised row garden seven years ago, we never imagined how truly fun and simple gardening could really be!

The advantages of raised row gardening are almost too good to be true. A raised row garden is inexpensive to create, and easy to maintain.

Long gone are the days of hours upon hours spent digging, hoeing, raking and weeding!

When it comes to maintaining, the beauty of the raised row system is that it keeps the work concentrated to only the growing areas, so there is minimal weeding and watering.

With about 10 minutes a day – you can easily keep your raised row garden in tip-top shape without the use of expensive sprays, soil additives – or a rototiller!

The Raised Row Gardening Book – Putting It All Together!

So when Page Street Publishing (a division of McMillan Publishing) approached us last year to write a book putting the entire concept together, we were all in!

raised row gardening book

Our Raised Row Garden – which supplies us with 3/4’s of our family’s food.

For the past 12 months, we have worked with the editors and photographers to put every concept of the Raised Row Gardening method together.

It has been one amazing experience, and one that we really hope will help so many gardeners to create the ultimate low-maintenance vegetable garden they have always wanted.

From how to set up an initial garden, to planning, planting, cover crops, composting and more – the Raised Row Gardening Book is truly the ultimate guide to low maintenance, high yield gardening!

The Raised Row Gardening book integrates the entire gardening system in a step by step, easy to reference format, with tons of new tips and information.

It is filled with beautiful full color photos and diagrams, that  help the reader understand Raised Row Gardening is a simple, straightforward way.

The book can be ordered now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indiebound.

Orders and book reviews are a huge help in promoting the book to distributors, so thank you so much to all of you who have ordered a copy or left us a review on Amazon.

For us, it is truly a dream come true to put the Raised Row Gardening book together!

Are You A Raised Row Gardener?

So – to our fellow Raised Row Gardeners and followers – we would love to add a few testimonials in support of our book, and we would love to hear from you!

Let us know below in the comment section about your own Raised Row Garden and how it has made gardening easier for you. You can also head over and leave a review on any of the sites above as well. It really helps us to promote the book, and this great and fun way to garden!

Happy Raised Row Gardening! -Jim and Mary.

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