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5 Great Gardening Gift Ideas For The Gardener In Your Life!

Searching for some great Christmas gardening gift ideas for the gardener in your life?

It’s hard to find folks more passionate about their hobbies than gardeners. So why not celebrate their love of all things growing with a thoughtful garden gift this year?

Here are 5 great gardening gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on any gardeners face!

5 Great Gardening Gift Ideas For Gardeners

Wireless Weather Station ($40)

gardening gift ideas

Nothing can be more important to a gardener than knowing what is going in their garden. And with this little wireless weather station, you know exactly what is going on!

We installed one of these little gadgets this past year and absolutely love it!

The remote weather station sensor can be installed up to 330 feet away from the base, and gives you the current temperature of your garden space, along with a forecast for the coming weather.

It also records the highs and lows each day, and can really help you know if that freeze really hit the garden or not!

The big display is also doubles as an atomic clock.  See : Wireless Accu-Rite Weather Station 

Funky Veg Kit Gift Box

great gardening ideas

We love this idea! It is unique and great for either the new or experienced gardener. This little kit includes everything you need to started with some cool vegetable varieties.

You get a selection of seeds that include purple carrots, striped tomatoes, red brussels sprouts and few more interesting and hard to find vegetables. Perfect for that hard to buy for garden lover!  see: Funky Veg Kit

The Hori Hori Garden Knife  ($25)

When it comes to great gardening gift ideas, this rates an A+!

gardening gift ideas

If you have ever owned or used a Hori-Hori garden knife, you know how incredible this all-purpose garden tool is! It is the ultimate companion in the garden for the avid gardener.

It can dig out the most stubborn of weeds and dig down effortlessly to plant bulbs.  And with the saw teeth on the side, it can even saw off branches.

The stainless steel blade stays tough and strong, season after season.   See : Nisaku NJP650 7.25″ Blade Hori-Hori Stainless Steel Tomita Weeding Knife

Rain Gauge

To a gardener – knowing how much rain has fallen can be a must when it comes to watering. A

nd nothing can help more with that chore than a rain gauge for their garden!


7 Piece All In-One Garden Tool Set – Stool Included!

great gardening gifts

This is a great all in garden gift for those starting out – or for those who need a little garden tool update!

The stainless steel tools and the gardening stool are perfect in the flower or vegetable garden.

The garden stool is really nice as well, helping to give a little rest for the avid gardener while he or she is in the garden.

See: 7 Piece All In-One Garden Tool Set – Stool Included!

We hope you enjoyed our great gardening gift ideas post – if you have any of your own – feel free to pass them along in the comments section! – Jim and Mary.

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