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The Best Christmas Gift Ever! Who Will You Give It To?

So, what really is the best Christmas gift you could ever give? Or receive for that matter.

best Christmas gift From time to time, we step away from our weekly farm, home, garden and recipe articles to cover a topic that is a little out of the norm. Today is one of those days.

We realize with the title of “Best Christmas Gift Ever”, we have perhaps set the bar a little high. But that’s okay, I am confident this one really is impossible to beat.

What we really hope to accomplish with today’s article is to simply make everyone, including us, stop and think.

Think about what is really important. Think about what really matters. And think about what really makes a difference. Because all of those things really are the essential ingredients to the best Christmas gift ever.

At a time of year when everyone seems to be racking their brain for the perfect present to give that someone special, little do people realize it’s right under their nose.

Want to see it? Find a mirror, take a long look into it, and it’s staring right back at you. That’s right, the best Christmas gift you could ever give someone is giving the gift of you, your talents, and most importantly, your time.

The Best Christmas Gift Ever – The Gift of You…

best christmas gift

Take time to write your thoughts and gift down to that someone special

Instead of using all of that time and energy thinking about what to buy someone, think about what giving of your time can do for that person for one special morning, afternoon, evening or perhaps an entire day.

Then make it happen in a big way. Go the extra mile to put your gift down on paper in writing.

Let that person know how special they are, and that you simply want your gift to be about being there for them. Wrap it up and let them read what you want to do, and why.

Maybe you can even bake them a few homemade cookies to go with it 🙂  (See : Our Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes)

In a world filled with electronics, gadgets, and apps that can do nearly anything and everything for us, it is still and will always be human interaction that means the most.

Stop and think, great gifts are never about what is in the box. Instead, they are about the thought and the love behind what is in the box.

Nothing will ever say I care and love you more than taking time out of your own busy life to stop and spend it for someone special.

And whatever you do, make that time special. Turn off the phone, put down the tablet, and enjoy the time with the person the gift is all about.

Seriously, it really is the best Christmas gift you could ever give – or receive!

So if you have been struggling with what to give that someone special, maybe it’s time to stop thinking about what you can get for them.

Instead, think of how you can spend some special time with them. Trust me when I say they will remember it more than anything you could ever buy.

Here is to celebrating what Christmas and the season is all about!

Wishing you and your family the absolute best this Christmas season – Jim and Mary.

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