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Christmas Photos – The Farm Decorated. Merry Christmas To All!

Christmas Eve is here, and it’s time for our annual Christmas photos’ feature from the farm!

As we do every year, we take a break from our regular articles to share a few Christmas photos – and ask our readers from around the world to check in with their own Merry Christmas greetings in the comment section below.

Here is to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2018!  We hope you enjoy the Christmas photos below – Jim and Mary.

Be sure to let us know where you will be celebrating this Christmas!

Christmas Photos From The Farm

The House In Lights

One of my favorite Christmas photos to ever take at the farm. The night blue sky is a perfect backdrop for outlining the house.  Next year, I think we need to create a little bigger wreath for the pavilion!

Christmas Photos

The Barn Door Wreaths

The old doors on our old recycled barn are the perfect backdrop for a couple of Christmas wreaths. The barn is undergoing a few upgrades and renovations right now, and hopefully it can be the scene of a Christmas party next year!

Christmas photos

The Christmas Tree

One of the hardest things about the new house was finding a tree that looked right with the tall ceilings. We love this one – it is twelve foot high and takes a tall ladder to decorate -but we love the way it lights up the inside.

Christmas Photos

Dad’s Santa

My dad, a principal at Pleasantville Elementary school, was given this Santa as a homemade housewarming gift in 1971 from one of the teachers on staff. It stood at my parents house for nearly 40 years each Christmas in front of the old barn dad had rebuilt. Now, it is back home with that barn at our little farm and sits up the road to welcome folks passing by.

Christmas Photos

Decorating The Live Edge Wine Rack

We built this wine rack from the left over shiplap boards when we built the house, and the live edge piece of cherry was the perfect top. A little lighted garland brings it to life during the Christmas season.

Christmas Photos

The Outdoor Pavilion

The outdoor pavilion and kitchen area are lit up in white lights and waiting for a bit of snow to fall to add a little more Christmas charm to the farm. Our plan next year is to put up a Christmas tree in the middle of the pavilion to add to the outdoor decorations.

Christmas photos

Vintage Santa Welcomes All

Vintage Santa decorates the front entrance to the farm. Mary has had this Christmas decoration for a little over 20 years now. She picked it up at a craft show with her mom. He is a perfect welcoming guest to the farm!

Christmas Photos

OWG Sign Posts Wreaths

A little time-lapse photo captured one of our  OWG post wreaths, and a few cars going by! The post’s trade out their hanging baskets in December for a few wreaths to help decorate the farm.

Christmas Photos

The Front Bench Pallet Signs

Mary created these signs a few years back for a blog post from pallets. Here they are after a perfect dusting of snow last week, displayed on our front bench outside of the house.

Christmas Photos

The Licking County Courthouse

And we leave you with one final photo, courtesy of one of our local followers, Tim and Marianne Bubb. Tim is one of the Licking County Commissioners, and took this photo of the newly restored local courthouse lit up for Christmas. Thanks Tim for passing along – absolutely beautiful!

Christmas Photos

Be sure to leave your own Christmas greeting below in the comments – don’t forget to let us know where you are celebrating Christmas this year. Here’s to wishing everyone around the world a very Merry Christmas! Jim and Mary