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Our Must Try, Top 5 Vegetable Plants To Grow This Year!

We are just weeks away from starting this year’s garden seeds indoors, and as we do each and every year – it’s time to bring you our annual “must-try” top 5 vegetable plants to grow.

top 5 vegetable plants

The Italian Roaster (left) is one of our absolute favorites!

Every year, we love growing a few new varieties in the garden. Some work out, some don’t, and some soar to the top of our favorite’s list. But the fun is always in the trying!

This year’s list of top 5 vegetable plants has a few old-time favorites, along with a couple of new varieties that became instant hits last year.

As always, we have included seed links at the end of each variety for those looking for where to find them.

Without further ado – here they are!

Top 5 Vegetable Plants To Grow This Year

Hillbilly Tomato

So the real question is where did this tomato really originate from – West Virginia or Southern Ohio?

Although both lay claim, the real winners are those who grow it! This tomato is a gorgeous orange, yellow and red mottled beauty that grows big tasty fruit. Some as large as 1 to 2 pounds.

We first found the Hillbilly tomato when we happened to stroll through the farmers market in Charleston, WV.

top 5 vegetable plants

The Hillbilly Tomato

Ever since, we couldn’t wait to grow it here at the farm. It did not let us down. Seed Link :  Hillbilly Tomato Seeds

Dakota Black Popcorn

As crazy as it sounds – popcorn does not grow in microwavable bags on plants in the garden. No, it actually grows on stalks just like sweet corn.

You really haven’t tasted true popcorn until you grow it in your own garden. It is our number one go-to snack. It’s easy to plant, and absolutely delicious to pop a batch the whole year round.

A little olive oil in a pan with a lid, and you are in business.

We grow a few tasty varieties, including ladyfinger, and strawberry popcorn. Last year, we tried Dakota Black, and it has now become a favorite too.

Dakota is a good producer, and the dark black kernels make for great fall decorations before you shell them to use as popcorn. It’s the ultimate dual purpose crop.  Seed Link : Dakota Black Popcorn

The Italian Red Roaster Pepper

This incredibly large, juicy and flavorful pepper is our #1 favorite pepper to grow. We have had it in our garden now for well over 5 years, and it never disappoints.

The plants start by setting dark green, long peppers that slowly turn to deep crimson color as they mature.

They are perfect for stuffing, or simply slicing and eating. And, they hold up incredibly well with their thick walls on the grill.

They are a mild pepper with a mix of sweet and traditional green bell-like flavor. One taste and you will be hooked!

Even better, they are beautiful in the garden. The deep green foliage of the plants is a great contrast to the 10″ to 12″ long massive peppers. Easily one of our must-try top 5 vegetable plants to grow this year!  Seed Link : Italian Red Roaster

Yukon Gold Potatoes – Perfect for growing in crates!

top 5 vegetable plants

Our Yukon Gold growing in crates at the farm

First off – the Yukon Gold potato simply has unbelievable flavor! They are amazing in a skillet with a little olive oil. And they make the creamiest, most flavorful mashed potatoes you can find.

Even better – they grow perfect in our crates! We started growing our potatoes in crates years ago and have never look back. It takes all the work out of the hilling and weeding process – and they produce like never before. See  : How To Grow Potatoes In Crates

The Yukon Gold is without a doubt a big winner in our garden. And yes, you can grow sweet potatoes in crates too! Seed Link : Yukon Gold Seed Potatoes

Red Russian Kale

top 5 vegetable plants to grow

Red Russian Kale

Kale is becoming more and more popular for both it’s amazing flavor and health benefits. We grew Red Russian last year in the garden and absolutely fell in love with it.

It is a quick grower, and can be harvested as baby leaves in as little as 25 to 30 days. It reaches full peak in just 55 days.

The leaves are deep green with purplish veins. The stems are a beautiful purple for a great contrast. The taste – well, it’s fresh and tender, and perfect all by itself or in a salad mix. An easy variety to grow for sure!  Seed Link : Red Russian Kale 

There you have it – our must try, top 5 vegetable plants to grow for this year. It will be time to start planning and planting before you know it!

Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary.

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