The Raised Row Garden Method is now front and center!

Tired of endless weeding, and the painful, labor-intensive hours of rototilling, digging, raking and hoeing?

Then the Raised Row Garden Method is the answer! Vegetable gardening has never been easier, more affordable, or more enjoyable.

Raised Row Garden
Our 2017 Raised Row Garden late last summer, it has certainly grown from its humble beginnings.

What started out as an attempt to find a better way to garden with less work, less weeding, and more veggies, has now turned into a garden craze helping people from all over discover the simple joy of vegetable gardening.

Who knew seven years ago the Raised Row Garden Method would grow to have its own book? But it has, and it’s taking off!

Raised Row Gardening has exploded for one simple reason – it works! Gardening doesn’t need to break your back or the bank.

Step by step, every part of the Raised Row Garden process is covered in full detail in our new book.

We poured our gardening heart, soul and passion into every page. The Raised Row Garden Method has truly changed our lives, allowing us to grow most of the food that ends up on our table.

We wanted to show others how to do the same. And as of today, we couldn’t be more excited that the book climbed this past week to the #1 Hot New Release in Gardening on Amazon!

It is loaded with full color photos and illustrations. It includes full planting guides for vegetables, along with a companion planting guides as well. From compost, to cover crops and more, it covers the four seasons of the garden.

Just In Time For Garden Season!

The book can be ordered today here:   Order Link :  Raised Row Gardening – By Jim and Mary Competti

Why The Raised Row Garden Method Works!

2018 Garden Plan
We are so excited for the release of our new Raised Row Gardening Book February 20th! You can pre-order now to ensure February delivery.

The Raised Row Method puts gardening all together – in one simplistic, easy to follow, and entirely organic approach.

There is no need for tilling ever again. With simple, inexpensive techniques, concepts and materials like cover crops, mulch, compost, crop rotation and companion planting – you can grow nearly any crop without the hassles of long hours of weeding or endless chores.

Using gently tapered soil rows that can be built from existing soil or from scratch – a raised row garden is pure heaven to plant and maintain.

And the yields? Our very first Raised Row Garden produced over 2,000 pounds of produce from a single 40 x 60 plot – and it has only become more productive from there. To find out more, see our article : Raised Row Gardening Basics

Happy Gardening! Jim and Mary.

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The Raised Row Garden Method. No Tilling, Less Weeding, More Fun!