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Off-Grid Living Simplicity – A 608 Sq. Foot Cabin That Rocks!

All too often, off-grid living is thought of as living without.

off-grid living
Off grid living doesn’t have to be about living without. The 608 square foot Frontier Cabin from Weaver Barns proves that once and for all.

Living without comfort. Living without style. And perhaps most of all, living without many of the modern conveniences that can make life a bit easier.

But that simply doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, off-grid living can actually be comfortable, beautiful, and quite amazing.

As many of you know, we have embarked on a project to build a self-sufficient, off-grid cabin at the farm. See : Creating A Tiny Off-Grid Cabin.

Our goals are simple. Build a functional and stylish cabin that can be powered completely off-grid. All without breaking the bank.

Although small living and tiny homes are the rage right now, they can be over-the-top expensive. Many can now top $70,000 for a home of 200 square feet or less. For us, that seemed totally against the principals of simple living. Especially when you consider how much you are paying to live cramped.

off grid living
The main room of the cabin – off-grid living in style!

So as we worked over the past few months on our own off-grid cabin design, we turned to our good friends at Weaver Barns for a little help.

And that is when they shared their own design for an off-grid cabin that simply took our breath away. And perhaps also made us rethink our own cabin too!

Weaver Barns unveiled the cabin (The Frontier) this past week at the Great Big Home + Garden Show at the I-X Center in Cleveland. And we thought we would share it here today. I know it has inspired us – and I am sure it will inspire many more to think about living off-grid.

A Cabin That Inspires Off Grid Living – The Frontier

Weaver’s Cabin is the perfect combination of off-grid living. It has rustic charm and modern comforts. From the moment we saw the plans and drawings of the Frontier, we knew it would be special.

At 608 square feet, a loft, and an open floor plan, it has more than enough room. In fact, it feels quite large. With a 12/12 roof pitch and 10′ wall heights, the cabin has an impressive stature. Those extended wall heights make 608 square feet feel like 1608! It is anything but tiny living.

Off-Grid Living…

Although it can be powered traditionally, the 608 sq. foot cabin can also easily be lit without hooking up to the grid.

off-grid living
The spacious loft of the Frontier

Using Solar Storm Solar panels and a Kodiak Generator, the cabin can be wired for electricity without traditional electric hook up. That is the same solar powered generator that will power our cabin. It has really made solar power both affordable and realistic. It’s functional, lightweight, and portable – three great things when it comes to off-grid living!

Add in a compostable toilet, a wood burning stove, and a solar water heater, and the cabin can sit on the most remote of lands without losing any of it’s functionability. Now that is off-grid living in style!

But perhaps what we love most about the Frontier Cabin is that it combines all of that simplicity, great design and function with affordability. With a complete shell package around $35,000, it actually makes off-grid living attainable. That just simply can’t be said for a tiny home – especially when you consider the space is one that can actually be lived in forever.

Special thanks to the folks at Weaver Barns for letting us highlight their new Frontier Cabin! If you want more information on the cabin, be sure to check out Weaver Barns at

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