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Battling Mosquitoes – 3 Great Ways To Protect Your Backyard Naturally

When it comes to defending your outdoor living space from pests, nothing quite compares to battling mosquitoes.

Whether it’s working in the garden, sitting under the pavilion, or enjoying a night around the fire pit, we love to be outdoors. And one thing is for sure, mosquitoes are not welcome!

Mosquitoes can ruin the best of outdoor times with their hungry appetites. Not to mention of course, the threat of disease that comes with each and every bite.

Although there are all kinds of commercial bug sprays and “bug bombs” available to help control their population, we have never been fans of the chemical approach. They can not only be expensive, but questionable to use when it comes to their health effects.

battling mosquitoes
Mosquito larvae in standing water

But you can put a serious dent in your backyard mosquito population quite with a few simple and all-natural approaches. It has worked well for us over the years, and we thought we would share a few in today’s article. 

Here is to battling mosquitoes naturally and successfully in your backyard!

3 Great Methods For Battling Mosquitoes

#1 Eliminate All Standing Water

Mosquitoes breed in still water. So the first line of defense is getting rid of any potential breeding grounds they might use.

That means emptying old pails, cans, and that old tire behind the shed or barn that has captured rain water.

And if you have kiddie pools or bird bath fountains, its vital to empty and replace their water regularly. In as little as 48 hours, they can be filled with hatching larvae.

battling mosquitoes
Purple martins are incredible mosquito feeders!

Last but not least, remember that spouting and downspouts can be a breeding ground too. If they are clogged with debris, they become excellent places for water to lie, and mosquitoes to breed.

Eliminate their ability to multiply, and you eliminate much of the problem!

Attracting Birds / Predators

Purple martins, bluebirds, robins and bats are all birds that are all extremely important when it comes to battling mosquitoes. They can eat thousands of mosquitoes per day, and all for free!

Make your backyard an inviting place for these flying beauties, and you are sure to reduce your mosquito population significantly.

Some of the bird species, like the purple martin, bluebird, and bats can be recruited by supplying housing. Martin houses and bluebird houses are notorious for keeping insect populations under control.

Others can be invited in by placing feeders in the yard to invite them in. Either way, attracting beneficial birds can go a long way toward keeping mosquitoes at bay!  Product Links : Blue Bird House  –   Purple Martin Birdhouse 

Growing Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

battling mosquitoes
Nasturtiums are a wonderful for patios and borders to help repel mosquitoes

If you like to spend time out on your patio or in your garden, then think about growing a few plants that repel mosquitoes.

Marigolds and Nasturtiums are two of our favorites. Nasturtium plants produce a unique chemical marker that mosquitoes detest.

And the pungent smell of Marigolds has the same deterring effect. Both also help to keep other annoying pests such as aphids, whiteflies and squash bugs at bay too.

Nasturtiums are wonderful in planted pots on patio tables, or as a border edging plant in beds. Marigolds make a great garden border plant as well. Seed Link : Nasturtium Seeds –  Marigold Seeds

Be sure to check out our article  4 Perfect Plants That Help To Repel Mosquitoes for more mosquito repelling plants.

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