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Outdoor Lighting – Lighting Up Your Landscape Beautifully On A Budget

Nothing can be more relaxing, inviting and enjoyable than an evening spent outdoors, especially one surrounded by beautiful outdoor lighting.

It is amazing how much a little illumination can do to create a whole new feel to your backyard.

outdoor lighting
The LED Edison bulb string lights under the pavilion,.

In the past few years, we installed outdoor lighting on both our back porch and pavilion sitting areas, and a few lights along walkways and flowerbeds.  See: DIY Outdoor Living

It has completely transformed the look and feel of our little farm in the evenings. We actually look forward to night time in the summer, simply for the chance to sit outside and enjoy it!

Outdoor lighting can create the perfect mood for everything from dining to sitting and relaxing. It also provides safety for navigating sidewalks, steps and outdoor areas in the darkness.

Here are some great ways to light up your landscape without breaking the bank.

Outdoor Lighting – The Basics

Less Is More

The real key to creating beautiful outdoor lighting is realizing that less really is more. A few subtle lights used here and there to light up a walkway, sitting area, or a focal point adds interest and intrigue to a night time setting. However, light it up too bright, or with too many lights – and you may have planes trying to land!

String Lights

String lights are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to light up any outdoor area. Whether illuminating a pergola, pavilion, back porch or outdoor dining area, string lights provide the perfect amount of light overhead.

outdoor lighting
Our Edison Bulb LED string lights

And with the introduction of LED string lights, they are inexpensive to purchase and operate! Outdoor LED lights have come a long way.

Long gone are the super bright and near blinding white lights associated with LED. They now come in all types of soft glows in addition to bright white.

LED lights are also incredibly inexpensive to operate, requiring a fraction of the electricity traditional lights use. Add in that the bulbs last for years and years, and it’s a win-win.

We used LED String lights to illuminate our outdoor pavilion and back porch. Not only were they inexpensive ($30 for a 7 light / 24 foot string), they provide the perfect amount of soft glowing light. They are also easy to install, with pre-drilled loops for hanging on hooks or screwing in place.

We have had them in place now for over 2 years, and they still look great. Even better, we haven’t had to replace a single light!   Product Link : LED Edison Bulb Sting Lights 

String lights are also perfect for hanging off a building or over open areas. We used them in our barn to provide lighting for our Farm to Table Dinner, and loved them!

Lighting Walkways And Paths

Lighting up walkways and paths is about more than just creating beauty. It’s also about providing safety. Lighting up sidewalks and steps can keep you and your visitors safe. There is nothing worse than navigating a walkway under total darkness.

The key to keeping pathway lighting beautiful and safe is to remember that again, less can be more. A few lights placed along a path or in between steps can be just enough to provide safety and ambiance, without creating a blinding “runway” feel.

There are some inexpensive solar and electric option that can do the job wonderfully. Product Link : 12 Pk Solar Walkway Lights  –  Outdoor LED Electric Pathway Kit Lights

Illuminating Flowerbeds

outdoor lighting
With just a few well-placed lights, a flowerbed can become a nigh-time focal point

One of the best ways to create a special feel in a landscape is to light up flowerbeds. A few lights placed in between plants can create a beautiful feel to your outdoors.

Ornamental grasses and trees are great options to illuminate. The light almost dances off of the blades and branches.

Solar Vs. Electric Options

If finding a way to provide electricity is an issue, outdoor solar lighting can be the answer! Solar lights, just like LED lights, have a come a long way since they were first introduced. Long gone are the evenings where a solar light provided minimal lighting for minimal time.

It really comes down to a matter of choice. Here’s to lighting up your landscape!

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