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The 3 Small Kitchen Appliances That Simplified And Changed Our Life!

When it comes to simplifying life, small kitchen appliances really do make all the difference!

Yes, of course, having a good stove and a working refrigerator are of the utmost importance. But for us, day in and day out, there are 3 small kitchen appliances that have simplified our life and lifestyle beyond belief.

small kitchen appliances
The instant pot has completely simplified our meal making efforts!

They allow us to prepare, preserve, cook and create healthy foods and meals in record time. And, with just as much if not even more incredible flavor than using traditional methods and appliances.

But maybe best of all, beyond the savings of time, and beyond the creation of healthier and tastier meals – these 3 small kitchen appliances have helped us eliminate clutter from our kitchen space.

How? By eliminating the need for so many other utensils and tools that have now become obsolete.

Here is a look at the 3 small kitchen appliances that have changed our kitchen and life forever.

The 3 Small Kitchen Appliances Than Changed Our Life

#1 The Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

Without a doubt, the Instant Pot is by far the biggest life-changing small appliance in our kitchen. In fact, at this point, we honestly wonder how we ever lived without it.

In a day and age where creating healthy meals fast is a must for busy families, it is the champion. We take frozen chicken breasts to a complete meal in 20 minutes. It can make the most incredible soups and sauces in record time compared to traditional cooking methods. And the taste? It’s like it has been simmering all day!

small kitchen appliances
The air fryer creates healthier foods – and fast!

As a great example, take dry beans. Typically you need to soak dry beans overnight before you would ever be able to cook them.

Not with the Instant Pot! In just 45 minutes of cooking time, without ever soaking, they are ready to serve.

The more we use it , the more we like it. In fact, we now have a whole category of recipes on the site dedicated to Instant Pot cooking. And not surprisingly, it is one of the most viewed! See : Instant Pot Recipes

Product Link : Instant Pot 6 Qt. Pressure Cooker

#2 The Air Fryer

When it comes to quick cooking and a healthier lifestyle, the air fryer is simply now our best friend.  See : 5 Reasons You Should Own An Air Fryer

This small kitchen appliance is one of the newest to our kitchen – and now one of the most used. The air fryer eliminates the need to deep fry with oil. And not only is it healthier than frying, it is far faster. We can make fried chicken, french fries, sweet potato fries, chicken fingers, hamburgers and my personal favorite, chicken wings, in record time – all without the oil! And it doesn’t matter if you are starting from fresh or frozen!

It is also incredibly safe. The air fryer requires little attention during the cooking process. No need to worry about grease splattering. No need to worry about hot flames. And no need to worry about running out of gas when grilling those hamburgers.

Now back to those wings – you simply can’t believe how incredibly crispy and tasty they turn out! Yes, Mary will be putting that recipe on soon. 🙂   Product Link : BCP 5.5 QT Air Fryer

#3 The Food Processor

small kitchen appliances
Our food processor has made canning and preparing fresh meals a snap!

And then there is the food processor. It has been one of our best friends for a long time!

We use it for absolutely everything. To grind our dried hot peppers into amazing hot pepper flakes. To instantly dice our green peppers, onions, garlic and celery for soups. And to puree our tomatoes for soups, and sauces in record time.

Oh, and it can make hummus in seconds! In fact, there isn’t much it can’t do.

It can even save you cash as well! Let’s use ground chicken as an example. Ground chicken in the grocery store runs right around $4.99/lb. But with the food processor, we can take fresh chicken breasts and create our own in seconds. All for about $2.00 per pound.  Product Link : Hamilton Beach Duo 12 Cup Food Processor. 

Yes indeed, we would be lost without our 3 life-changing small kitchen appliances!

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