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The Ultimate Self-Sufficient Tiny Home – And It Travels Too!

I have to say, I think we have found the ultimate self-sufficient tiny home!

self-sufficient tiny home

Our move to our 1054 Square foot simple house made us realize how little we really need.

For years, we have been writing about the amazing benefits of downsizing. How living smaller is living better. And how becoming more self-sufficient allows you the freedom to enjoy life.

As amazing as it sounds, it really does work!

One of the best things we ever did was sell our traditional suburban home and build our Simple House at the farm.  See : The Simple House Project

It made us realize how many things we really don’t need. Like a dining room or a living room that we rarely, if ever, used. Or extra bedrooms, bathrooms and a full basement for that matter.

In a nutshell, it turned out it was only extra space to store extra stuff. All of which cluttered our life and home.

Now back to that ultimate self-sufficient tiny home thing…

self-sufficient tiny home

The start of one incredible self-sufficient tiny home on wheels.

Most importantly, downsizing and living simple allows us more time and resources now to chase and live our bucket list of dreams. And at the very top of that list is travelling.

Travelling is one of our most absolute favorite things to do. Whether travelling to speak to organizations or groups about gardening or simple living, or simply visiting some new place and experiencing all it has to offer – we always jump at the chance to travel!

In fact, anyone who knows us knows that our ultimate dream has always been to someday travel the country, state by state, for one entire and continuous year.

Now that dream of course will have to wait awhile – but we have found a way to travel in the meantime that aligns perfectly with our lifestyle and goals. And it just might work for that bucket list trip someday too!

One Incredible Little Self-Sufficient Tiny Home – The TAB 400 Teardrop Camper.

self-sufficient tiny home

Our TAB 400 Trailer nearing completion at NuCamp

I don’t think we could be more excited! We have teamed up with incredible folks at NuCamp to create our own little self-sufficient tiny home called the NuCamp TAB 400.  See : NuCamp RV

NuCamp is an innovative trailer, camper and rv manufacturer based out of Sugarcreek, Ohio.  Yep, you guessed it, the same incredible little town where Weaver Barns, who helped build our Simple House is located.

And just like Weaver Barns, NuCamp has been simply amazing to work with on this project.

In a lot of ways, our TAB 400 teardrop camper reminds us of our Simple House. It is amazing how many features are built into this tiny home-on-wheels. It is small and compact, and yet provides comfortable simple living at its best.

Self-Sufficiency At Its Best

For starters, it is solar-powered, with a curved solar panel attached to the roof. It comes complete with a refrigerator, stove, shower, toilet, and waste and water storage tanks. It even has a full-sized Queen bed with an incredible cushioned sleep system underneath. There is also front sitting area for dining, working or simply resting.

And then there is the heating and cooling. Just like our Simple House, the TAB 400 uses a radiant floor heating system to keep the camper warm on cold days. And yes, it even has air conditioning for those hot days as well.

Self-sufficient tiny home

A view of the kitchen stove and sink area

Best of all, it will now help us travel everywhere for a fraction of the cost. Forget about the ridiculous cost of hotels, eating out, or of gas-guzzling large RV’s. We can travel, make dinner, sleep – and simply enjoy where we are!

I think the best part for us is that when we aren’t taking it out on weekend excursions to see the company, it will make a pretty cool guest house at the farm! After all – it’s totally self-sufficient.

One thing is for sure – we cannot wait to try it out! We are scheduled to have our completed trailer sometime at the end of this month. We will be sure to share photos and a video tour of the trailer as soon as it arrives.

Hopefully, that means we can take it out for a weekend trip or two (or three or four) before winter sets in.  It will even come complete with an exterior Old World Garden Farms themed wrap.

Who knows, maybe that dream of travelling to all 50 states is getting a little closer! But in the meantime, if you happen to see heading down the road in our little teardrop camper – make sure you give us a wave!

Happy Simple Living! – Jim and Mary