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The Mini Cabin Floor Plan – 140 Square Feet Of Simple, Off-Grid Living!

Our shed has arrived – and its time to turn our mini cabin floor plan vision into reality!

This past week, our friends at Weaver Barns delivered the shed that will soon become a tiny guest house cabin at the farm.

The 10′ x 14 ‘Highland shed served as a display model for the past few years at Weaver’s headquarter location in Sugarcreek, Ohio. And now it’s time for us to give it a second life!

mini cabin

Our new cabin arrived this week. Until the base is ready, it will sit in its temporary home, next to the barn.

For now, the little shed has found a home nestled in the gravel lot beside our barn. Once the concrete pad base is poured, we will move it into place.

And then, it’s time for us to get busy converting the shed into an off-grid cabin for overnight stays at the farm!

One of the reasons we jumped at the chance to purchase the demo was that it already had so many incredible features.

mini cabin floor plan

The shed’s metal roof and windows are a big plus!

Like a metal roof that matched our existing house and garage. A higher pitched roof that allows us to create an additional loft area. And an additional set of double doors to create the perfect opening to an outdoor patio and garden.

But most of all, the shed fits right in with the rustic natural feel of the farm.  See : Our DIY Farm – Summer Photo Tour

It was quite simply the ideal structure from which to create a mini cabin floor plan that works as a private, overnight space for visitors to stay and enjoy the farm.

Simple Living – The 140 Square Foot Mini Cabin Floor Plan Revealed

The key with such a limited space is to make every square inch of count. And sometimes, making the space usable for more than just one function.

mini cabin

The mini cabin floor plan

The back interior wall of the cabin is a perfect example of just that.

The Back Wall – A Murphy Bed, Kitchen Table, 2 Night Stands And A Closet!

By far, the rear interior wall will be the most functional space of all when it comes to the mini cabin floor plan. With no windows present in the 10′ wide section, we used the entire wall to hold all sorts of necessities and amenities.

Like a built-in queen-sized Murphy bed, two night stands, two wardrobe closets, and a kitchen / work table! All on just one wall!

mini cabin floor plan

We will start the conversion by removing the existing shed’s storage shells. Next comes a homemade Murphy bed in the center of the wall.

At the center of the back wall will be a home-made pull-down Murphy bed. Murphy beds are the ultimate in space-saving storage. Folding up flat into the wall when not in use.

The problem is they can be very expensive. Luckily, we found a hardware kit online to create our own for a fraction of the cost.  See : Murphy Bed Hardware Kit

The bed will hold a full-sized 60″ wide x 80″ long queen size mattress, and then retreat up. But what really makes it a space saver is that on the underside will be a fold-out kitchen table.

mini cabin floor plan

We found this Murphy Bed Hardware kit on line to build our own fold-up bed at a big savings to the budget

When the bed is put up, a 60″ x 48″ hinged table top can be dropped down. Two simple snap in legs complete a sturdy surface to eat, work, or even play a game of cards.

Built In Storage – A Key To The Mini Cabin Floor Plan

Rounding out the back wall will be two matching built-in storage units on either side of the bed. The bottom portion will include two pull out drawers with a flat, night stand surface. The top will include a full-sized wardrobe door where 4 to hang clothes.

Add in two flexible built-in LED night lights on each side – and the space is complete!

Mini The Sitting Area / Living Room

mini cabin floor plan

The vaulted ceilings and windows help make the mini cabin feel much larger.

The front of the cabin will be home to an L-shaped seating area, and a small kitchenette stand. The kitchenette will give a bit of counter space, as well as a place to house the mini-fridge underneath.

Over the front section, we will create a small loft area for additional storage.

Just outside the double doors, we will install a combo gas griddle/grill for a little outdoor cooking. And yes, there will even be a patio fire pit to sit and relax as well.

One of the things we look forward to most is incorporating an outdoor landscaping plan to let guests feel like they are almost living in a combined outdoor/indoor space.

The connected outdoor living space is perfect for adding a bigger “feel” to the existing mini-cabin floor plan.

The Lean-To Bathroom and Shower!

With the cabin only being used during the warmer months, we moved the shower and bathroom “outdoors.” Well, not really outdoors. At the back end of the cabin, we will build a small lean-to hold a covered outdoor shower, and a compostable toilet.

mini cabin floor plan

The shed comes to us with a lot of great features already in place. Like these beautiful double doors

It will still be completely private and enclosed with the lean-to, but it gets it out of the mini-cabin floor space. After all, it’s perhaps nice to keep that space out of a tiny 140 square foot living space. 🙂

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