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Happy Thanksgiving! And The Dream For A 2020 Thanksgiving Feast

First – we want start today’s article by wishing all of our followers a Happy Thanksgiving!

As we always do on this day – we ask those reading to take a second at the end of the article and leave a comment from where you are and how you celebrate.

And yes, that extends to each and every one of you. Including those of you who follow from the now over 220+ countries from all over the world.

Thanksgiving Feast

The Farm as it looks in 2018

This day is all about giving thanks – and no matter where you live, or where you are, we are thankful for you.

Celebrating Thanksgiving At The Farm – 2018

For Mary and I, Thanksgiving has always been our absolute favorite holiday of the year.

It is simple. It is pure. And above all else, it has always and will always remain about family.

There are no expectations. No pressure. And no worries about running around at the last minute to pick out the “right” gift.

Thanksgiving is simply an amazing time to get together and enjoy family, friends, conversation, and great food. And a time to be thankful for so many wonderful things.

Thanksgiving Feast

We smoked our turkey this year for our feast. One delicious way to make a turkey!

We actually got a jump on our Thanksgiving celebration last weekend with a get-together at the farm with our four kids and a few extended family.

As we celebrated with a wonderful meal and the loud swell of conversation – it made the dream of the farm come alive all over again.

Thanksgiving 2020 – A Dream Of Long Ago Draws Close

It made both of us think back to a time when the farm was just in its infancy. We longingly dreamed of someday being able to host a huge Thanksgiving with both of our extended families as well.

It was 5 years ago today that we penned an article about that dream. It was all based on hoping to have enough completed at the farm that by 2020 – we could host the big event.

thanksgiving feast

Family, food – and great conversation are staples in our house for Thanksgiving

And as we read back through that long ago article, it made us realize how amazing this journey has been, and how far we have come from those early days. And – how 2020 will indeed be able to happen!

Back then in 2013, all that stood on the land was a chicken coop, a garden, a few year-old fruit trees, and a whole lot of open space and big dreams. Like the dream of having a small house.

It was really neat to read back and see what we thought and hoped for that Thanksgiving. We thought we would share it again today.

Our Thanksgiving Article from November of 2013

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Today, we are going to allow ourselves to dream a little into the future. To think about hosting one big gathering of our families for a future special Thanksgiving Dinner at the Farm.

Although we now grow quite a bit of our own food at the farm, it will still be a few years before some of the long-term plantings like the apple and cherry trees begin bearing sizable yields. And who knows how long it will take our newly planted grapes to grow to make a bottle of wine or two.

Thanksgiving Feast

Our kids have certainly grown up! It was great to have them at the farm along with their significant others.

So with that in mind – we picked 2020 as the dream year to perhaps host a big Thanksgiving Dinner at the farm.

And hopefully this dream can become a reality. After all – it wasn’t that long ago – in fact just 3 short years ago (2010), that Mary and I stood at the top of an overgrown hill and dreamed.

The Dream of a Farm…

We dreamed of having a few chickens, a barn and a garden that could provide us fresh food.

With a little work, sore muscles, and the loss of blood now and then, that dream has come true. So why not dream a little more?

It truly is a completely different feeling to sit down to a meal that comes from what you have grown or raised. Everything tastes fresher, more pure, and of course, the satisfaction of knowing exactly where our food came from.

Thanksgiving Feast

Homemade apple pie from home-grown apples!

It also tastes better knowing of the work that went into growing it.

From the early spring planting days, to nurturing the crops through the summer months. And then, to the proud moment of harvesting.

Hosting a huge celebration Thanksgiving Feast with family and friends will give us the ultimate chance to share it all with friends in family. And after all, isn’t that where the tradition of Thanksgiving originated from?

The 2020 Menu

So hopefully, by 2020, with a little luck and good fortune, we will be able to serve the first vintage or two of home-made wine.

Maybe the apple and cherry trees, along with the pumpkins from that year’s garden will help to create the pies for dessert. And perhaps we can prepare a feast of green beans, corn, potatoes, carrots, onions, fresh herbs and more from the garden.

thanksgiving feast

The farm as it looked in 2010.

Who knows – perhaps we might even have our little dream house on the property by then?

But more than anything – we cannot wait for that day to share the fruits of our dreams and labor with our family.

I am sure that over the next 7 years, we will have many highs and lows in the continued building of the farm. But we also know that nothing can ever stop the power of dreams. Can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!

Mary and I both wish everyone a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving season!  Oh, and if you are reading this and are part of our extended family – consider this an invitation for 2020.   Mary and Jim

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Be sure to let us know in the comments where you are celebrating today!

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