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The Perfect Garden Gift – 6 Unique, Ultra-Cool Garden Gifts Under $32

On the lookout for a few cool garden gifts?

With Christmas around the corner, its time for our annual unique and cool garden gifts article!

And this year – we found six really interesting garden gifts – all for under $32

cool garden gifts

Finding the perfect gift for a gardening friend can be quite the task. Especially a cool garden gift!

Whether you have an inspiring gardener-to-be, or a seasoned veteran that is hard to buy for, we have you covered today!

And all just in time to order and have delivered well before Christmas.

We have included our affiliate links at the end of each description to take you right to the corresponding website for more info.

Let’s get started with a look below at ultra cool gifts that are sure to put a smile on the face of a gardener in your life.

6 Unique Ultra-Cool Garden Gifts Under $25 Bucks

Storm Glass Weather Forecaster Stylish Decorative Crystal Drop Barometer

This glass weather predictor is sure to be the envy of any gardener – and a conversation piece.

What weather is coming? Just take a look at the liquid transformation inside the glass.

cool garden gifts

The Storm Glass Weather Predictor

Predict based on the crystal whether the weather will be clear, cloudy, snow or thunderstorm. The appearance of the liquid inside transforms with the outside conditions from clear to cloudy to crystal flake.

The concept was actually used by sailors long ago to help predict the weather. Does it really work?

Some say absolutely yes, others are not quite so sure. But whatever the case – it makes a great conversation piece.

Besides – how often are the weather folks right anyway!

Package includes a Crystal drop shape storm glass, a wood display stand, and a gift box too.

LINK : Storm Glass Weather Forecaster Stylish Decorative

A Garden In-A-Box! The Total Heirloom Garden Seed Pack!

This is one of our absolute favorite cool garden gifts!

If you want to give a gift of a garden – this is the one. This package includes a 30 pack of heirloom, open-pollinated, non-gmo seeds that can grow an entire vegetable garden.

cool garden gifts

The Ultimate Garden In A Box Seed Gift

What is really amazing is that it is only $31! In this day and age – that is a steal for starting an entire garden.

All seeds from this great selection of vegetables can be saved from year to year to grow again the following year. It’s like giving the gift of perpetual gardening!

All of the varieties are chosen specifically for their ease of germination and growing.

The seeds include delicious vegetables, fruits and herbs – plus a collection of garden-helping flowers like marigold, zinnia and nasturtium.

When grown, these flowers are all known to help repel insects, disease and more.  See : How To Protect Your Garden From Insects

Heirloom Seeds Include:

Cantaloupe, Carrot, Cucumber, Chard, Hot Pepper, Several Species of Squash, Pumpkin, Radish, Two species of Tomato,
Sweet Peppers, Kale, Jalapeno Peppers, Spinach, Lettuce, Eggplant, Onion, Watermelon, Oregano, Basil, Dill, Cilantro, Marigold, Sunflower, Zinnia & Nasturtium

Conventional Heirloom Garden Seeds – 30 Pack – $31

Shitake Log Kit – Grow Your Own Mushrooms!

Have a mushroom lover you need to buy for? This Shitake log kit is the perfect answer!

The shiitake log is made from red oak and stands about a foot high with a diameter of approximately 5 inches.

cool garden gifts

Perfect for the mushroom lover you need to buy a gift for!

The log comes pre-inoculated and will begin to grow within 9 to 12 months after the initial inoculation date on the tag.

You can also “shock” it by following the instruction included with the log, and force it to begin fruiting sooner.

It will produce several fruitings each year for several years.

It is a great way for mushroom lovers to learn all about growing mushrooms.

Shitake Log $19.51

Wheelbarrow Water Bag

Need to get large amounts of water to trees, shrubs or to the garden?

Then this special wheelbarrow water bag is perfect!


cool garden gifts

The Wheel Barrow Water Bag – An excellent solution for getting large amounts of water to trees or a garden.

Simply place the wheelbarrow water bag in your wheelbarrow, fill, and you are in business.

It easily totes up to 20 gallons of water anywhere you need it with the stability of a wheelbarrow.

It can really make it nice if you have large trees to water that are too far away from a hose.

LINK : Wheelbarrow Water Bag – $12.99

Medicinal & Herbal Tea Seed Starter Kit

Have a friends that is into herbal or medicinal teas? This is the perfect gift!

With this inexpensive little kit, you can grow your own fresh medicinal and tea herbs indoors year round.

cool garden gifts

This gift is perfect for the tea lover who also loves to garden!

Cultivate your own fresh, medicinal and herbal tea herbs, and enjoy the fun and benefits of indoor gardening.

Herb Kits make fantastic gifts.

The Basic Culinary Herb Kit includes: Beautiful Giftable Box, trays, humidity dome, – seed label sticks, compressed soil pucks (just add water), easy to follow instructions, and an assortment of medicinal and herbal tea herb seeds (enough for multiple plantings)

Medicinal & Herbal Tea Seed Starter Kit – $12.99

The Easy Seeder – Say Goodbye To Thinning Seeds!

The tool every gardener must have! Reduce the endless thinning, Stop wasting seeds.

cool garden gifts

The seed spacing kit that makes having to thin a thing of the past.

With the Easy Seeder seeds go where you want them.

Simply choose the seeder where the seed you want easily falls through the holes.

Then, make a furrow with the Easy Seeder.

Place seeder in furrow and slide seeds down the Easy Seeder, only one seed will fall in each hole!

To finish, remove the seeder from the furrow and pinch the soil to cover the seeds.

Mountain Valley Easy Seeder Kit – $11.54

We hope you enjoyed this years garden gift edition – Happy Gardening! Jim and Mary.