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The Perfect DIY Small Flock Chicken Coop! Strong, Elegant & Inexpensive

If you are looking to create a coop to raise a few backyard chickens, this DIY small flock chicken coop is the perfect answer.

Depending on the breed raised, it has plenty of room for flocks of 6 to 10 chickens.

And, it has a lot of options for the backyard chicken owner!

With an access door on the side, it is perfect to attach to a run.

small flock chicken coop
The chicken coop as it neared completion in the driveway

Always wanted a mobile coop? Then just simply equip it’s sturdy frame with wheels, and you have your very own chicken tractor coop.

But perhaps best of all, beyond it’s extremely strong, durable and attractive look, it’s also quite easy and economical to build!

Creating A Simple Small Flock Chicken Coop

One of the great things about being at the farm full-time now is that we finally have time to tackle a few long-awaited projects.

And this one has been on the back burner for about 5 years!

Ever since building and creating plans for our larger coop at the farm in 2013, we get a steady string of emails asking if we could make a smaller version for those with smaller flocks.

small flock chicken coop
Our chicken coop at the farm. At 12 x 8, it is a bit large for raising small flocks.

The large coop has always worked well for us. Especially since we usually have between 15 and 25 chickens. See : Building Our Original Coop

But at 12′ x 8′, it certainly isn’t conducive or practical for small flocks.

So with a bit of “cooped-up” time from a winter that won’t seem to end, we decided it would be a fun little project to finally tackle.

Creating A DIY Small Flock Chicken Coop From Simple 2 x 4’s

We wanted more than anything to keep the coop simple, functional and attractive.

small flock chicken coop
With the snow falling outside, we actually built most of the coop inside the house.

It needed to be easy to use and clean. And include a way to collect the eggs each day with ease from the outside.

But most of all, it needed to be strong, easy to build, and not break the bank.

So many of the small coops available commercially seem so cheap and flimsy. And yet, so expensive!

It always amazes me how some small coops can sell for $300 to $600 and be built from 3/4 plywood or coated particle board. And the ones built with thicker lumber are simply astronomical to purchase!

small flock chicken coop
The interior is spacious and open, with a full length roosting bar.

So with that in mind, we turned to our favorite lumber friend of all-time to help us build a small flock coop that works – the humble 2 x 4.

2 x 4’s really are underrated. Lightweight, durable, readily available and inexpensive, they are the backbone of nearly all of our all-time favorite DIY builds.

Many of our projects like the Adirondack Chairs, Adirondack Bench, and Seed Starting Stand are all built from sturdy 2 x 4’s. See our article : The Ultimate Outdoor Chairs – Durable, Comfortable And Easy To Build!

small flock chicken coop plans
The 2 x 4 construction on our outdoor chairs has kept them strong and durable!

In fact, we simply can’t wait to reveal another project made entirely from 2 x 4’s in the coming weeks – a really cool and functional potting bench!

2 x 4’s simply hold up strong to the ultimate test of time.

So with that said, let’s take a look at the building details below for the small flock coop.

Building The 2×4 Small Flock Chicken Coop

The entire framework of the small flock chicken coop is built from just fifteen (15) 2 x 4 x 8’s.

At $3.12 a piece, the entire coop frame was built for a grand total of just $46.80!

We built with the 2 x 4’s on end instead of using a flat traditional framing method. It saves on space and material.

We started with a functional footprint for the coop of 5′ long by 3′ wide. It is just under 50″ tall in the rear, and slopes to 36 at the front.

The size is more than big enough to handle small flocks, but still fits well in even a small backyard space.

small flock chicken coop plans
The step by step plans are now available in our DIY plans store. As with all of our plans – they are only $10 and can be downloaded instantly.

The Coop Area

The coop is separated into two areas. A main coop area that measures 4′ x 3′. And an additional 12″ x 3′ foot area on the right side made into two nesting box areas.

The main space includes a full 48″ roosting bar, full-height screened-in window, and a large 28″ x 25″ door for easy access to clean.

On the opposite side of the egg boxes, there is an additional hatch door that can attach to a run or outside pen area.

And about that egg collecting? The roosting boxes can be accessed with a simple pull up door to collect eggs.

small flock chicken coop
The eggs are easy to get to from the outside with the lift up lid.

The bottom can either be floored or screened. And, for those that want to put the coop up off the ground, it can easily be sat on posts too!
* note: As always, we have complete plans available for instant download on our DIY Plans Page : Small Flock Chicken Coop Plans

Finishing The Coop

We finished this sample coop with shiplap and a metal roof that we had on hand. It took about 60 board feet of 9-1/4″ wide shiplap to complete. And we were able to use a single 10′ long roof panel for the roof.

The total cost for everything came in right around $130. Not too bad for a coop that will last for years to come!

small flock chicken coop plans
The strong 2 x 4 construction makes for a long lasting and durable coop.

Shiplap is so easy and inexpensive to work with. And metal roofing is simple to install as well, and lasts nearly forever.

But the real beauty of this coop is the easy-to-build 2 x 4 frame can be finished easily with anything. Including metal, wood siding, plywood, or even shingles, stone, or brick. If all from new, it can most likely be built for under $300.

It certainly is strong enough to be can be clad in any covering to match an existing house or look with ease.

small flock chicken coop plans
Putting the finishing touches on the coop in the driveway.

Keeping A Small Flock

Who knows, maybe someday we will downsize our flock as well. And we will be ready to roll with the small flock chicken coop!

Here’s to the joy of building and creating – and raising backyard chickens! – Jim and Mary.

Jim and Mary Competti have been writing gardening, DIY and recipe articles and books for over 15 years from their 46 acre Ohio farm. The two are frequent speakers on all things gardening and love to travel in their spare time.

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