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Traveling In A Teardrop Camper – 117 Days Left To Learn The Ropes!

It’s hard to believe, but we have just 117 days to go before heading out to see the country for an entire year traveling in our teardrop camper!

And as the official launch date of September 9th draws close, we have really started to ramp up the planning efforts for our trip. (See : The Final 365 Day, State By State Travel Schedule)

Including a few overnight test runs in the camper over the last couple of weeks.

travelling in a teardrop trailer
Heading out of the driveway for our first trip with the camper!

And we have to say, in that short time, we have fallen in love with life in our little Nucamp Tab 400 camper.

Traveling In The Teardrop Camper

I think we can both admit that we were a bit nervous pulling out of our driveway for our very first overnight test trip in the camper.

From checking and re-checking the hook-ups to the truck, to checking and re-checking supplies – we probably went a bit overboard before finally putting the truck in drive and heading down the road.

First off, we have no problem admitting we are not experienced campers. For us, however, that is one of the things we love most about this entire trip.

camping site
Our first campsite at a state park. It was a bit chilly, but the camper’s radiant floor heat kept us warm and cozy.

The ability to broaden our horizons. The opportunity to learn new things and new skills. And the chance to connect and meet so many wonderful people.

All while taking in the incredible sights of this beautiful country for an entire year on the road.

What could be better than that!?

At the end of the day, the only way to become better at something is to do it.

And if you are having fun while you are learning the ropes, and you learn to laugh at yourself, each other, and your mistakes – it usually all works out for the best.

That is how we approached building our little farm 9 years ago, and it has been turned out to be an amazing journey for us.

Heading Out On The Road For A Few Test Runs

So far, we have had the camper out for 3 overnight trial runs. And we have enjoyed every minute of it!

We really wanted to test out every part of the camper and the camping experience to prepare us for what we might face on the road.

campfire dinner
Our first dinner created over a campfire while traveling in a teardrop camper. The only issue was that we should have made more for seconds!

That includes using only the solar power option only for remote overnight stays, to hooking up at camping sights with full electric, water and sewer.

And we can now say we have experience at both!

We spent our first two nights “boondocking” at a couple of vineyards using the Harvest Host program. ( See : Low Cost Camping – How To Camp In Style On A Tiny Budget)

With Harvest Host, we simply call the participating member location a day or two in advance and let them know we will be staying. ( BTW, quite a few have emailed to ask, and yes, the 15% Harvest Host Discount Link is still available : Harvest Host 15% Off Membership Link)

touring in a teardrop camper
Our first two stays using Harvest Host could not have worked out better

Both wineries we stayed at, Ravens Glen and Valley Vineyards, were incredible in their hospitality. And who can beat the view from a winery for an overnight stay!

We enjoyed a dinner at each of the locations, and then woke up to make breakfast in the camper, worked for a few hours writing, and the hit the road.

It really doesn’t get much better than that for working on the road from a beautiful office setting!

Using The Tab 400’s Full Hook-Ups

We spent our third night camping at a state park site using water, electric and the sewer hook up option.

full hook-ups for the Tab 400 Camper
Hooking up to electric, water and sewer was a breeze. It was good to get a little experience at something we had never done before!

I think we were both amazed at how easy it was to use with our Tab 400 Camper. It took us about 15 minutes to set up our campsite, and then we enjoyed our first “outdoor” grilling experience over the campfire.

I think for us we have been pleasantly surprised at just how much room is in the camper. The full-size queen bed is really comfortable – and the table and seats in front are working great for our “office” space.

So as we approach that magical day of September 9th – we will keep on testing and preparing for our trip of a lifetime! You can follow the entire journey at

117 days to go until we start traveling in a teardrop camper! Here is to following your dreams! Jim and Mary Competti

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