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We’re Coming To Your State! Help Us Find Your Local Must See Sights!

We need your help to find the local must see sights in your state!

It’s hard to believe, but there are only 71 days left before we leave Ohio and head to Nebraska to start our 365 day journey across the United States.

During that one year span, we will have the incredible opportunity to see and experience all 50 states.

For us, it really is a dream come true, and the trip of a lifetime. See : Trip of A Lifetime

And do we ever need your help to find unique things and places to see along the way!

must see sights

We have our teardrop camper all ready to go. And we have the entire state by state route planned. See : The Dates For The States

We even have our own personal “MUST SEE” list completed as well.

But honestly, what the entire purpose of this trip is about, and what we really want more than anything else, is to see the little known gems, sights, people and places that make this beautiful country so incredible.

Yes, we certainly want to visit the soaring presidential faces on Mount Rushmore. And, of course we want to stop with our camper and get a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, the St. Louis Arch, and the skyline of New York City.

must see sights
We can’t wait to take our own picture of the Golden Gate Bridge!

But more than that – actually, so much more than that – we want to experience as many of the “out of the way” and “little known treasures” that exist throughout each states as we can.

It is what we love to do most whenever we travel now. And what we are going to make this trip all about as well.

There is nothing better than getting to experience the sights and sounds that only the locals know about.

And to be able to do that all across the country will not only be an amazing experience for us, but the subject of our next book that we will write along the way.

Finding The Local Must See Sights

Perhaps it is a quaint little restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Or an amazing community garden with incredible spirit.

Maybe it’s a unique town, monument, or an amazing trail with a “must see” view.

nature at its best

Whatever it is, wherever it might be – we want to see and experience it!

And perhaps the best part of travelling in it all in our little teardrop camper is that we can go almost anywhere, in any state.

And that is exactly what we intend to do with a little help from you!

How To Help Us

Who better to tell us about these hidden spots than the people that live near them. And “those people” happen to be you!

With a little over 200,000 followers that follow along from all 50 states, we are really hoping we can get some incredible suggestions from many of you to add to our trip.

Everyone knows of some place that is cool, special or unique in their hometown, county or state. And we really want to see as many of them as we can!

our NuCamp Tab 400 camper
We can’t wait to head out in our camper!

To leave us a suggestion, all you need to do is visit our interactive map on our tour site and leave a comment on your state page. It’s that easy!

You can click here to see the map : The 50 State Travel Schedule

And please feel free to leave suggestions in several states if you have them. The more the better!

As we gather all of the suggestions, and as we get near the September 9th trip date, we will update all of the states and maps with the itenerary.

And after we leave each state, we will fill the page with all of our photos, videos and memories of every place, person and sight we were able to experience.

Talk about one creating an amazing scrapbook!

Here’s to the trip of a lifetime, and a BIG THANK YOU in advance for helping us out with some suggestions. Jim and Mary

As always, feel free to email us at with comments, questions, or to simply say hello! You can sign up for our free email list in the subscribe now box in the middle of this article. Follow us on Facebook here : OWG Facebook. This article may contain affiliate links.