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The Best Hanging Basket Plant We’ve Ever Grown!

Without a doubt, we have a new winner this year when it comes to claiming the title of “Best Hanging Basket Plant” ever grown at the farm!

Now, as you may or may not know, we grow a lot of flowering baskets all over the farm.

In fact, we were reminded of just how many we actually have a few weeks back by our youngest.

best hanging basket plant
We are probably guilty of having a few too many hanging basket and container plants around the farm. But we simply love the color they give!

As we headed out west for a quick 3 day trip, he was given the task of watering them all. And he quickly let us know upon our return that there were exactly 22 of them!

He also may or may not have mentioned that although they are indeed beautiful, he would not be having that many to water when he owns his own home someday.

I am pretty sure if he didn’t already, he is now convinced we have a slight addiction when it comes to growing hanging basket and container plants.

The Best Hanging Basket Plant Ever

In all honesty, we probably are a bit addicted to hanging baskets and planters.

But growing them really is a simple and easy way to add big splashes of color all over the landscape.

A regular weekly dose of compost tea, worm casting tea or liquid organic fertilizer goes a long way to keep hanging baskets blooming and booming,

Especially when you select plants to use that are long lasting, durable, and hold up extremely well to the hot and humid summer conditions.

We have found quite a few over the years that have certainly fit into that category.

And up until this year, our absolute favorite (and still beloved) to plant and grow has always been ornamental pepper plants. See : Ornamental Peppers – The Most Beautiful & Durable Plants Ever.

Not only do they hold up incredibly well to the heat and stress of the summer sun, they look stunning in hanging baskets and containers with their hundreds of colored mini-peppers covering the plant.

best hanging basket plant
Ornamental pepper plants are still on of our favorite hanging basket plants.

We have several on display now, and we never grow tired of them.

But I have to admit, there is another basket plant has surpassed the beauty and strength of our beloved ornamental pepper plants. And believe it or not, it an old-school annual that we re-discovered by accident.

The Begonia – The Wondrous “Old-School” Annual Plant With Big Growing Power!

Our first trial of begonias started a few years back. We had a big container planted and placed in a rocky area that received only full sun.

The area was certainly a tough one for any plant to survive. Between the full sun and the additional heat generated by the rocks, every plant we tried in that space struggled.

And by mid-summer of 2017, two plantings had already failed. It was then that we happened to be at a local greenhouse looking for a replacement plant.

container plants of begonias
One of our hanging baskets of begonias at the farm this year. Between the foliage and blooms, they are a sight to behold.

By mid-summer, choices at local nurseries are few and far between. But we had an event coming up in a few days at the farm, and needed something to put in the planter.

And so it was, the only thing available were a few annual packs of begonias. So we picked them up, planted them – and the rest is history!

Discovering The Best Hanging Basket Plant Ever

By the fall of that year, the plant had grown huge. And, it was still filled with massive foliage and blooms that lit up the rocky area with color.

It was then we decided to grow a few more in baskets and containers the following year. And I have to say, ever since, we have fallen in love with the old-school begonia plant!

We have now grown them in full sun, partial sun, and even in a mostly shady area. And they have all been incredible.

They bloom early. They bloom continuously. And most importantly, they bloom from early spring until late in the fall.

begonia plant
The foliage and flower of begonias are simply amazing – and durable!

From a maintenance standpoint, they are simply amazing. They are the last to show signs of any wilt from a lack of water. And even better, they can handle the wind, rain and any hard storm with ease.

And so it is…although we love you Ornamental Pepper plant, the Begonia has take over the title of Best Hanging Basket plant at the farm!

Happy Gardening! Jim and Mary

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