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The Completed Off-Grid Mini Cabin! A Look Inside Our “Shiplap Shanty”

It’s hard to believe, but out off-grid mini cabin project at the farm is all complete. And it even has a name now too!

As we finished up the final touches over the last few weeks, we kept thinking about what would make a fitting name for our tiny cabin at the farm.

And then it suddenly came to us – “The Shiplap Shanty!”

off-grid mini cabin
The completed off-grid mini cabin at the farm. As you can see, Jazzy, our lab has already claimed it as hers!

After all, much like every other structure at the farm, the interior is decked out in shiplap.

And with it’s exterior wood siding, tiny 10 x 14 footprint, and a little covered porch to boot, the term shanty fit right along with shiplap perfectly.

So with that said, here are the final details along with a look inside and out of our little Shiplap Shanty. In addition to the photos, we included a quick three minute video tour at the end of the article.

The Shiplap Shanty – A Look At Our Off Grid Mini-Cabin

The Interior Of The Cabin

At just 10 x 14, the cabin has a small footprint, but it certainly doesn’t feel cramped at all.

It is hard to believe that this is how it all looked just a few months back:

mini cabin floor plan

We had originally thought of putting a murphy bed in to save floor space for sleeping options. But instead, we ended up using a dual-use couch.

During the day, it is a great seating area. But at night, it pulls out with ease to create a queen-sized bed.

We created the interior using 10″ wide shiplap boards and metal ceilings. It is a look we fell in love with when we completed the farm house.

Not only does it look clean and bright, it is extremely inexpensive and easy to install. (See: How To Install Shiplap With Ease)

A look inside our off-grid mini cabin at the farm.

We included a small dining table in the cabin as well in case the weather is a bit dodgy outside. It has also become one of our favorite places to use when we need a quite place to write.

Solar Power

The off-grid mini cabin is entirely powered by a solar generator that runs off of two, 150-watt panels secured to the metal roof.

It has enough power to keep the cabin going for 3 days without any sunlight.

Install off grid solar power
The cabin is powered by two solar panels.

We did install a single electrical outlet for back-up, and to power a small room air conditioner if needed. So far, we haven’t had to use it all!

The Patio / Grill Area

The cabin’s paver patio and grill area is located right off of the side double-door entrance to the off-grid mini cabin.

We really wanted to create a place for visitors to the farm to have their own space and privacy. And this little “tucked-away” space is certainly perfect for sitting and relaxing.

It has a little charcoal barrel grill that is perfect for grilling up a dinner for two. In addition, we also lit the area with string lights overhead for a bit of added ambiance.

The Off-Grid Mini Cabin’s Front Firepit / Sitting Area

fire pit and sitting area

In addition to the side dining and sitting area, we created a little “beach” area in front of the cabin as well.

It includes two of our 2 x 4 Adirondack Chairs and a small fire pit. We can often be found down here in the evening relaxing a bit after a day of working on the farm.

It faces our old reclaimed barn, and makes for a perfect sunset viewing area.

The view from the front fire pit area.

The Adirondack Chairs are still one of my personal favorite DIY projects we created at the farm.

They are going on 3 years old now, and their tough 2 x 4 construction has held up to everything mother nature has delivered! See : Adirondack Chair Plans

A little Video Tour Of The Off Grid Mini Cabin

And last but not least, below is a little video tour of the cabin.

I have to say it is a bit tough to video inside such a small space! We hope you enjoyed our little tour today of our off-grid mini cabin.

We can’t wait to start hosting a few visitors to the farm for overnight stays.

A lot of folks have asked us what we plan on doing with it over time. I guess we will need to figure that out!

Happy Gardening and Outdoor Living! Jim and Mary.