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Early Fall Farm Photos – A Final Look Around Before We Say Goodbye!

A look around the farm before we say goodbye…

Although we will continue writing our gardening, recipe and DIY articles as we travel the country for the next year, one thing we won’t be able to do is share seasonal photos from the farm back in Ohio.

So we thought we would take one final look around to take it all in before we head out, and share a few pics with you.

Fall is our absolute favorite time at the farm. The vibrant colors and the crisp, cool weather are simply a slice of heaven on earth.

the farm before we say goodbye
The Farm in the early morning sun.

So as we prepare to head out and turn the farm over to a few full time family residents, here is a look around our little Old World Garden Farm as autumn quickly approaches.

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A Look Around Before We Say Goodbye…

The Patio & Outdoor Kitchen Area

before we say goodbye

A slew of perennials, flowering annuals and ornamental pepper plants line the entrance to the patio and outdoor kitchen area.

We use this area every year as a place to plant our extra flowers. And it always seems to end up being one of our favorite planted areas.

Just goes to show you anything can work well together.

The Cabin

Probably one of our favorite projects ever at the farm, the cabin now sits nestled in between the apple trees and grape vineyard like it has been here all along.

We had so much fun converting this little shed into a place for visitors to stay. Maybe we can stay here on our way through Ohio :).

Saying Good Bye To The Pizza Oven…

DIY wood fired pizza oven

If there was one thing we certainly got our use out of this year, it was our homemade pizza oven!

It seemed like at least once or twice a week, someone was coming over for pizza night. And that is exactly why we built it – to enjoy with friends and family!

There is nothing quite like making homemade pizza dough, and then letting it crisp up in about 5 minutes in the oven.

It will be hard to say goodbye to homemade pizzas for the next year. But we are sure it will be fired up and enjoyed quite often by family and neighbors in our absence!

Lighting Up The Farm At Night

before we say goodbye

One of our big projects at the farm this year was to run electric to the lower part of the farm.

It was a lot a lot of digging and hard work for sure. But being able to enjoy the garden and sitting areas at night now makes it all worth it.

It is amazing how just a little bit of light can create an entirely new feeling for an existing space.

What A Garden Provides

When people ask us why we garden, this picture says it all!

One of our favorite things to make from the garden during the growing season is homemade meat & veggie bowls.

Fresh chopped onion, tomatoes, and peppers with a bit of fresh cilantro on top makes for a delicious and nutritious meal. Especially when you add it a bit of cauliflower rice.

You simply can’t replicate the fresh taste. And just look at those vibrant colors.

Quite simply, it’s because there is no better feeling that to sit down to a meal that comes almost entirely from the garden.

The Tale of 2 Gardens – Before & After

The Garden in August

It is amazing to think that just one month ago, this space was loaded with crops! But the tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers – and even the popcorn have all been harvested.

Normally at this time of year, our garden would still be filled with fall crops. And it would just about be time to start planting the first of our rows in a cover crop of annual rye. (See : When & How To Plant A Cover Crop In The Garden)

But not this year. As we set to head out on our one year journey to tour the states, we decided to tarp the garden to give it a year long rest.

The Garden In September, securely tarped for a year-long nap.

I have to say it was a weird feeling for both of us as we covered it.

But it certainly looks peaceful. And the best part is, the garden really won’t miss a beat.

When we arrive back home for good this time next year, we will simply pull it back, plant our fall cover crops, and pick up right where we left off!

A Final Fire To Enjoy The Fire Pit

As we said goodbye to the farm this week, it was only fitting that we had the chance to sit around the fire pit for one last time.

The fire pit is one of our absolute favorite places to enjoy an evening at the farm. And so last night, we enjoyed a farewell glass of wine and a nice roaring fire to think about the year ahead.

We love this place, and will certainly miss it as we travel around. But it is in great hands for the next year, and it will all be here to welcome us back next September.

Life is meant to be lived. And that is what we intend to do out on the road. We look forward to seeing, experiencing and learning new things. And certainly to meeting up with long-time friends and family, and making many new ones as well.

adventure of a lifetime
Our Nucamp Teardrop camper is ready to roll!

So as we say goodbye to the farm, here is to all of the adventures that await us in all 50 states! It is time to begin our Journey of a Lifetime!

Happy Traveling – Jim and Mary

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