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Happy Thanksgiving From California! Where & How Are You Celebrating?

First and foremost, Mary and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from Fort Bragg, California!

That really sounds so strange for us to say. But here we are in the 11th state of our 50 state journey!

As we do every year, we want to continue our annual tradition of asking readers to let us know how and where they are celebrating Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving
Last year’s family photo from the farm. Next year, we will host a much anticipated and long-awaited 2020 Thanksgiving celebration with both of our extended families.

So as always, be sure to put where and how you will celebrate in the comment section at the end of the article.

It’s always exciting to see the many places and ways folks celebrate this wonderful day all across the country.

Looking Forward To Thanksgiving Dinner At The Farm In 2020!

For us, today is certainly a far cry from our usual big family Thanksgiving celebrations.

But although we are 2,458 miles from our family and farm today, we are certainly with them in spirit.

We are celebrating Thanksgiving in Fort Bragg, California. Quite a long way from our farm back in Ohio!

And moreover, excited to think that next year, we will be hosting a huge extended family Thanksgiving celebration at the farm. One that we have been dreaming of for the last 7 years!

Way back in 2013, when the farm had little more than a chicken coop and a few struggling fruit trees, we wrote an article hoping for the day we could host both of our large extended families for a Thanksgiving feast. See : 2013 Original Thanksgiving Article

Our hope was that with a few years of hard work, we could turn the land and into our home and homestead. And then celebrate by sharing a future Thanksgiving feast with both sides of our extended families together.

inspiring books
Next year’s Thanksgiving celebration will be at the farm! It is a celebration 7 yeas in the making.

In the article, we listed the year 2020 as that magical future Thanksgiving date. And now that the farm has become a reality, it’s time to do the same with that dream.

It will certainly make for a magical 2020 Thanksgiving. An one we can hardly wait for!

With that said, the countdown for the big day is now one day closer!

Happy Thanksgiving from California! Jim and Mary. (And be sure to let us know in the comments below where and how you are celebrating this year!)