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How To Create A Great DIY Workshop On A Budget – The Tools You Need!

In spite of what many think, you don’t need a huge space filled with a lot of expensive tools to have a great DIY home workshop. In fact, you don’t need an actual workshop space at all!

On our little farm, our “workshop” can be found almost anywhere. In the barn, garage, garden – or wherever we might be creating our latest project.

home tools
We built these homemade compost bins with just a few simple tools. It doesn’t require a big workshop to create great DIY projects.

Most are surprised to find out our workshop isn’t comprised of hundreds and hundreds of tools. In fact, the entire collection fits neatly into one 15 foot long x 3′ wide section of our garage.

And yet, that basic set of tools has helped us build everything from our home, to chicken coops and barns. And of course, pergolas, tables, chairs, benches, wine racks and more. (See : Our DIY Projects)

You might think to complete all of those tasks requires a lot of expense in tools. But, that simply doesn’t have to be the case. Believe it or not, our basic tool collection in our little DIY workshop was assembled in its entirety for a little under $1300.

With our basic workshop tools, we have built everything from outdoor chairs and tables, to our little off-grid cabin.

Not bad when you consider how much those tools have helped build. And, of course, how much they have saved!

Here is a quick look at the basic tools needed to create a great DIY home workshop.

The Basic Tools You Need To Create A Great DIY Workshop

Start With A Combo Kit

In today’s world, a cordless combo kit is the perfect place to start when creating a great home workshop. It replaces the need for so many expensive tools!

We use our 20 volt Porter Cable combo tool kit for everything. It is by far the most powerful, space-saving, multi-purpose set of tools we own.

A great home DIY workshop starts with a cordless combo tool kit. We use ours nearly every day. And the cordless freedom is amazing.

With one single purchase, we had a circular saw, jig saw, reciprocating saw, drill, multi-saw, and grinder. And even more, the tool we use the most – my impact driver. It also came with two 20 volt batteries and a charger.

Battery powered tools have come a long way. In fact, we gave up on corded tools about 7 years ago and have never looked back.

Our current set is as powerful or more than any of our old electric tools. And way more portable! It is our workshop in a bag.

We use our cordless tool set for EVERYTHING!

I would say that on average, we complete 90% of our projects with just the tools in the combo kit. For a little over $400 for the entire set, it is an incredible investment. Affiliate Link : Porter Cable 20 Volt Tool Set

Especially when you consider they can do the work of thousands of dollars of corded or individual tools.

A Table Saw & A Miter Saw

There are two “major” tools that are incredibly helpful in a home workshop.

The first is a good compound miter saw. It is perfect for cutting boards to exact lengths, and for cutting perfect angles for all kinds of projects.

DIY workshop
A miter saw is a huge help for cutting angles of all types.

And you don’t have to spend a fortune for a top model. For about $250, you can get a 10″ compound miter saw that will more than get the job done.

The second must-have tool is a table saw. A basic table saw really is a must if crafts and building projects are in your future.

We use ours to rip down long lengths of wood and plywood to size. It is also perfect for making beveled edges and cuts too.

diy workshop
A table saw is a must for a home DIY workshop.

Although there are table saws that run $600 to $800, our $200 table saw has performed incredibly well year after year. A 10″ saw that has a blade that can bevel will more than tackle any job.

The Little Tools That Make A Big Difference

Now that the “major” things are in place, here is a look at the little tools that really make all the difference to have at your disposal.

A Good Set Of Sawhorses

For any home DIY’er, a good pair of sawhorses is an absolute must for a solid DIY workshop! They are invaluable for working on all types of projects such as woodworking, assembling, painting, staining and more.

diy workshop
A good set of sawhorses is a must They can even double as a table stand!

And they sure beat using buckets and tables for work surfaces!

Although you can purchase some inexpensive sets, we made our own. With a few 2 x 4’s you can create a great looking, sturdy set of sawhorses that will last for years and years. (See : How To Make Your Own Sawhorses)

Measuring Tools

Having a good basic set of measuring tools is a must for a great home DIY tool kit. We have found without about 6 basic tools, we can measure, level and square nearly everything.

Our measuring tool drawer consists of two hand levels (2 ft. – 4 ft.), a line bubble level, a couple of 25′ measuring tapes, a square, speed square, and a chalk line. And my new favorite – a contour gauge! (See: The Contour Measuring Gauge)

contour gauge
A contour gauge is hands down the easiest way to measure and mark tough cuts and angles.

Together, they can all be purchased for around $100 to $150. But they are invaluable for helping to keep projects, straight and true!

More Little Tools

When it comes to the “small but necessary tools” in a home DIY workshop – it pays to buy in combo sets.

We have combo sets of wrenches, sockets, and for screwdrivers. pliers and channel locks. The same goes for drill bits as well. Affiliate Link : Dewalt Screwdriver Bit Set

diy workshop

Buying in sets is a great money saver. But more importantly, it allows you to have everything you need on hand.

We have around $120 invested in the above sets. And it is a much more cost effective choice than spending $5 to $10 on individual wrenches or tools.

Invest In A Tool Box / Container

Here is one final and very big tip: Whatever you do, invest in a tool box or container to keep all of your tools in. Especially those small sets and pieces!

Having the right tool doesn’t matter if you can’t find it!

Not only will it help you have them on hand when you need them, it will keep them from getting lost. Having the right tool for the job doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t find it!

Here is to creating a great DIY home workshop on a budget – and building your dreams! Jim and Mary

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