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We Are Halfway Across America! 183 Days Of Amazing Memories, 183 To Go!

It’s hard to believe, but today marks our 183rd day on the road – and we are exactly halfway through our 50 state journey across America!

Halfway Across America
At the halfway point, we have now covered 23 states – and we proudly display them on the back of the T@B 400 camper on our state map!

The trip has flown by. Almost too quickly to be honest. With all of the planning we put into this trip route, it is funny neither of us realized it was a leap year. So, in reality, it is a 366 day trip around the country!

But, as you will see below, it has been full of so many incredible moments and memories. Memories of places, spaces and people that will stay in our hearts forever.

Here is a look back at the first 183 days, along with a unique 1 second-a-day video of our trip so far.

Halfway across America
The sights, like this lighthouse on the coast of California, have been phenomenal.

Halfway Across America

Our first 183 days has covered 23 states, 3 countries and 19,345 miles of U.S. roadways. (See : Our State Selfie Photos Page)

Some might wonder if we are a bit behind. After all, if we are halfway through, shouldn’t we be at 25 states? The reality is that by covering the West and Southwest first, we took in the largest of the states first.

New Mexico - Travel across America
We have traveled some 19,000+ miles with our Silverado and nuCamp T@B400 trailer, and have loved every minute of it. The teardrop camper and truck have been phenomenal, and the perfect way to see the country up close!

But were they ever full of majestic views and wonderful people!

From the Badlands of South Dakota to the towering Redwood Forests in California, we seem to always be in awe of what is before us. Now that we are halfway across America, they all seem so surreal looking back – Yosemite, Yellowstone, whale watching off the coast in Seattle, or our night spent camping out under the stars in the middle of the Sonora desert.

Cable Cars in San Francisco
One of our favorite memories of the trip – San Francisco and riding the cable cars.

So far, we have been to 22 National Parks and Monuments along our route. And what a treasure they are! We have been as high as 14,115 feet on top of Pikes Peak in Colorado, and as low as 8 feet below sea level in New Orleans.

We have been able to take in views of the Pacific, the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean, as well hundreds of lakes and streams – and even the great Salt Lake of Utah. See : Our State Stories Map

So far, we have had the opportunity for 23 State Sign Selfie Photos. Some are easier to get than others for sure!

But beyond all of the sights and sounds, there have been the people we have met along the way. Good, wonderful and caring people that exist everywhere in this amazing country.

The Rest of the Story – Halfway Across America

Then there are all of the little funny or sometimes slightly frightening things that happen along the way. You know, the ones that make the “you remember when?” memories.

Like the time, without thinking of the consequences, I requested from Google’s Cortina to help us find a Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown, San Francisco. She would have continued talking for hours had I not hit the stop button!

I am not sure why I thought it was a good idea to ask Google to find us a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown!

There have been a few tense moments as well. A tornado warning near Dallas, Texas, a flooding scare outside of Savannah Georgia, and a late night water main break under the camper. See : Dallas Tornado Scare

But all in all, there isn’t a single moment we would trade for getting halfway across America at this point!

The Video: One Second of Memories Every Day

Finally, we leave you with our trip’s One-Second-A-Day Video. Each day, we select one photo from the day to use as a memory. The photos are then placed one by one into a continuous video clip that takes in our travels day by day.

With that said, here is a look at our 183 second video from the trip so far:

Here is to crossing the halfway point of our trip across America – and to the final 183 days and 28 states to come! If we have any regret at all, it’s only that we wish we would have taken this trip even sooner!

To see the daily updates from each day on the road, check out : The Days Of The Trip

You can see the original article that started this whole ball rolling here : Planning The Trip Of A Lifetime,

Happy Traveling – Jim and Mary Competti

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