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The Easiest Way To Plant A Garden Ever! Planting With A Post Hole Digger

Whether it’s planting vegetables in the garden or flowers in your flowerbeds, a post hole digger is the most amazing time and back-saving planting tool ever!

Creating A Planting Hole
The post hole digger creates a perfect planting hole in the garden in one simple motion.

For years, it has been our secret weapon for planting our garden and flowerbeds with lightening speed!

The Right Tool For The Job

It is amazing how having the right tool for the job can make all the difference. And when it comes to the post hole digger, it’s not just the right tool for planting, it’s the perfect tool!

newly planted garden
With our post hole digger, we can plant over 100 tomato, pepper and other vegetable transplants in under and hour.

We have been using this “secret” planting tool for years, and simply couldn’t live without it. Not only does it drastically speed up planting with little effort, as you will see in the video below, it also creates amazing planting holes.

Why Post Hole Diggers Are The Best Planting Tool Ever

Planting transplants can be quite the chore. If using a small trowel or spade, it can be difficult bending and kneeling down to create planting holes. Not to mention, the small blade can make it hard to dig and move soil.

Unfortunately, big shovels have their own issues as well. The large blade leaves massive holes behind. The big swaths of soil can be clumpy, and require even more work to break it apart.

Digging with a shovel
Large shovels create massive holes, but a post hole digger creates the perfect size hole for a transplant.

But that is where planting with a good ol’ post hole digger come shining through!

Planting With A Post Hole Digger

With a post hole digger, creating a planting hole is as easy as dropping the blade, closing the handles, and lifting out the soil. In just seconds, you have an amazing planting hole that is ready to go.

A post hole digger creates a 6 to 8″ wide hole. Even better, it can reach down as far as 8 to 10″ deep. Which, by the way, just happens to be the perfect size for planting transplants! Product Link : Ames Post Hole

Planting Made Easy With A Post Hole Digger – Video

The depth of the hole allows us to bury plants like our tomatoes and peppers a little deeper into the soil  (we like to plant down to the first two leaves) – allowing for great root structure to develop.

It also gives plenty of room to add in compost and other organic material to help plants get off to a great start. That allows roots to easily expand during the first few weeks of their outdoor life.

planting tomatoes
With sharp blades, a post hole digger like this one from Ames makes quick work of garden chores.

And a good root system is one of the biggest keys to healthy plants! (See : Planting Egg Shells With Tomatoes)

Easy On The Back

But maybe best of all, using a post hole digger is easy on the back.

All of the holes can quickly be dug while standing up – which is far better than bending and stooping over the soil with a little hand trowel or spade!

planting the garden
Planting tomatoes deep in the soil with a hole made from a post hole digger.

Just one more reason that using a post hole digger for all of your vegetable and flower transplants makes great sense – Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary!

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