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Home DIY Projects For All – Learning To Build, Save Money, & Have Fun Too!

The last two months have found us marveling at just how many people are discovering the amazing world of at-home DIY projects!

In fact, our Gardening and DIY pages on the blog have been over the top busy – with 2 million+ visitors alone in just the last 45 days.

at home diy projects
Folks from all over the world have been downloading plans from the blog to build all kinds of things, like these chairs built my Marissa and her son from Eagle Mountain, Utah. Love that garden Marissa!

But it is certainly understandable. With people spending more time than ever at home, many have turned to DIY projects as a way to help pass the time. You name it – and folks are building it!

For many, it is planning, creating and planting their first garden. Others are building patio chairs, pergolas, fire pits, tables and more. While even more are building backyard chicken coops to raise their first batch of chickens.

home diy projects
Brian from Magnolia, Texas sent us this photo of the small flock chicken coop he built. It is so neat to see so many people from all over creating incredible projects for their home and garden.

And do we ever love hearing about them all! From states all over the U.S., to Italy, England, Singapore, Germany and other countries around the globe, we love getting emails, messages and photos from newly built gardens and finished home DIY projects from the blog.

Finding The Fun – Home DIY Projects

People are discovering that DIY Projects are a great way to create so many useful things for your home. And, even more, a great way to save money too. All while learning new skills that last a lifetime.

jeremy and robin table
Kentucky residents Jeremy and Robyn built this incredible table for their patio – all from 2 x 4’s and 2 x 6’s!

But perhaps best of all, people are discovering just how fun and rewarding completing these projects can be. And not just for themselves, but in many cases, as a couple, as a parent / child project, or with the entire family involved!

At Home DIY Projects

Marissa Johnson completed her chairs as a mother / son project for their garden. She wrote to tell us they were now going to make four more for around their fire-pit as well.

at home diy
Marissa and her son, sitting in their newly built chairs for the garden.

Zuriel and Kimblerly wrote to tell us they “were tired of not knowing how to work with wood,” and so they built our 5 gallon planter boxes as their first project. And in the process, have found they love building things!

As you can see from the photos below – it turned out awesome! And even more, we loved the way they chose to use the burlap bags as a unique way to cover it.

Bucket Planter Box
Zuriel and Kimberly built these 5 gallon raised planter boxes – and then modified the plans to cover the buckets with burlap. Such a great idea!
bucket planters
Kimberly and Zuriel’s son helping out during the building process

It All Starts With Home DIY Projects

The stories never get old to us. In fact, it is a constant reminder of exactly where we were some 10 years ago. We had an empty 3 acre field, and a dream to build a little farm we could someday call our home.

Back then, not knowing where to start, we simply jumped in and started creating. And slowly, with one project after another, learned to do more and more for ourselves.

We learned we could create a lot of great things with simple tools and materials. But more than anything, we had so much fun doing it – and still do today!

home diy
Our most recent home DIY project, one we call our gathering table – complete with benches.

In fact, we just finished up completing our own at-home DIY project during the last few weeks. It is a new gathering table and bench set for our porch, all made from simple lumber. It never gets old building and creating!

You can check out all of our step by step plans in our Old World Garden DIY Plans Shop.

Here is to creating some great home DIY projects and to learning something new. But even more – to having fun while doing it! Happy Building – Jim and Mary