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6 Fall Vegetables To Plant & Harvest In 45 Days – How To Grow More Now!

Are you looking to plant and harvest a few more vegetables from your garden this fall before winter sets in?

Believe it or not, there is still time to grow some delicious fall vegetable crops. And it doesn’t matter if you are growing in a traditional garden, a raised bed, or even containers and pots.

Although summer is fading fast and fall is just around the corner, there are still enough growing days remaining in most growing regions to plant and harvest a few fall vegetable crops.

You might not be able to grow more tomatoes or corn, but you can still get some great tasting fresh food on the table for you and your family! Here is a look at 6 delicious crops that can be ready to harvest in 45 days or less.

planting a fall vegetable garden
As you clear out summer crops, it leaves space for planting even more. And luckily, there are plenty of crops that can mature quick enough before winter sets in!

6 Fall Vegetable Crops To Plant & Harvest

Even though fall is the time to plant garlic and onions for next year, you can still plant vegetables and greens to harvest yet this fall. We will start with one of our favorite crops of all to grow, sugar snap peas:

#1) Sugar Snap / Snow Peas

Who doesn’t love the fresh snap and crunch of sugar snap or snow peas? And both of these delicious vegetables can go from seed to harvest in as little as six weeks!

In the spring, most varieties of snap peas come on in a little under two months. But the warm, late-summer soil is just right for quickly germinating both pea seed varieties. And as fall settles in, it provides the perfect cooler temperatures for them to thrive and produce quickly.

Plant pea seeds about one inch in depth into the soil, leaving 4 to 6 inches between seeds. Although there are bush varieties, most are climbing. For these types, a small section of fence or trellis will help give them support and make it easy to harvest too.

sugar snap peas
Peas are a fast maturing crop, especially when the soil is warm. They will germinate quickly and grow well in the cool fall temperatures.

One final note on growing peas, this crop actually helps improve the soil they grow in. So not only are you getting a bit more produce, but you are recharging the soil as well! Product Link : Sugar Spring Pea Seeds

#2) Lettuce – 6 Fall Vegetables To Plant & Harvest Before Winter

Lettuce is a great choice for planting as a fall vegetable crop. The cool, crisp autumn weather is ideal for growing all types of loose leaf greens. And many varieties such as baby leaf, bib and mesclun mixes can be harvested in as little at 21 days.

Even better, they can be harvested multiple times. So if autumn’s warmer temperatures extend a few extra weeks, you can have fresh salads deep into the year.

Lettuce performs best in loose, well drained and fertile soil. To spur fast growth, mix in plenty of compost to recharge the soil from crops that have been growing over the summer. Sow lettuce seeds 1/4″ deep a half inch apart and water well. Product Seed Links : Mesclun Seed Mix

Check out our Podcast on how to keep your garden weed free!

#3) Radishes – 6 Fall Vegetables To Plant & Harvest Before Winter

When it comes to fast growers, radishes top the list. They are ideal for a late season planting. Some varieties can go from seed to harvest in as little as 25 to 28 days, while most can be fully harvested at the 30 to 40 day mark.

Sow seeds directly into the soil, planting around 1/2 inch deep, and allowing one inch between seeds. Radishes need a steady supply of moisture to grow well, so water seedlings often. They also benefit greatly from added compost. Seed Link : Cherry Belle Radish Seeds

#4) Spinach – 6 Fall Vegetables To Plant & Harvest Before Winter

Nothing beats the taste of tender young spinach! And this nutrient-filled super food loves the chill of fall, so it is a wonderful time for growing it.

planitng a fall garden
Baby spinach can be harvested quickly, and the flavor is simply outstanding. Spinach likes cool weather, but harvest the crop if a heavy frost or freeze is in the future.

You can actually sow spinach seeds directly into the soil up to 3 weeks before your last frost date. Plant seeds 1/4″ to deep, spacing 2 inches apart.

Baby spinach leaves is ready for harvesting at maximum flavor when it reaches about two inches. You can usually begin harvesting within three to four weeks after planting.

Spinach holds up well against light frost, but be sure to harvest plants if a hard freeze is forecast. Once hit with temps well below freezing, the tender leaves will wilt in the garden.  Seed Link : Butterfly Heirloom Spinach Seeds

#5) Kale – 6 Fall Vegetables To Plant & Harvest Before Winter

Kale, like spinach, actually thrives in cool weather. It is truly the ultimate super-food, and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Varieties such as Red Russian can be harvested as baby leaves in as little as 25 days.

Kale seeds will germinate fast in the warmer soil of fall. Plant seeds a 1/4″ deep, and water well. Harvest as baby leaves as soon as the foliage reaches 2″ or more.

growing red Russian Kale
Red Russian kale is one of our favorites. The flavor is outstanding, and it holds up beautifully to cool weather. In fact, the cool weather improves the taste!

#6) Arugula – 6 Fall Vegetables To Plant & Harvest Before Winter

Arugula is another cool-weather lover. It can tolerate even mild frosts and keep right on growing. The spicy leaves are perfect for adding a little zing to fresh salads.

Arugula grow best in loose, fertile, and well-drained soil. Plant seeds 1/4″ deep, allowing about one inch between seeds. Be sure to add in plenty of compost for added soil nutrients.

In addition to compost, another great soil energizing option is worm castings, which can really power plants that need a late-season push. With most varieties, arugula can go from planting to harvest in around 28 days. 

There you have it! 6 great fall crops you can still plant before winter sets in. Here is to growing a little more of your own food before winter sets in. Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary.

Jim and Mary Competti have been writing gardening, DIY and recipe articles and books for over 15 years from their 46 acre Ohio farm. The two are frequent speakers on all things gardening and love to travel in their spare time.

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