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How To Create An Incredible Fall Display! 3 Amazingly Unique Fall Plants

If you are looking to have your best ever flowering display this fall, then we have a treat for you today with 3 incredibly unique and gorgeous flowering plants. And all three are sure to bring lots of WOW factor to your autumn decorating!

Autumn is a favorite for decorating. In fact, it trails only the Christmas season in popularity for outside and interior decorating. But the beauty of decorating for the fall is that exterior flowering displays can still steal the show.

Especially when you can plant and grow something both unique and beautiful! And that is exactly what today’s article is all about – unique plants that really bring a new twist to autumn displays.

3 uniuqe fall plants
When it comes to fall decorating, mums are always a top choice. But other plants, such as the yellow asters (pictured above with mums) can add big color too!

Let’s face it, for decades now, the Mum (Chrysanthemum) has been the go-to plant for fall decorating. And although it certainly has its merits and place for bringing fall decorations to life, there are so many more incredible fall flowering plants to add to the mix!

Bringing A Look To Fall Decorating With Unique Plants

Although we are highlighting 3 of our favorite unique fall flowering plants below, there are actually a whole slew of interesting annuals and perennials that can help you create incredible, long-lasting fall color.

In fact, over on our Simple Garden Life website, we created an awesome Cheat Sheet Guide To Flowering Fall Plants. You can check it out at with the link below and even download it for free.

The guide showcases all kinds of unique fall plants that can have you creating amazing fall color and beauty that will be the envy of your neighborhood! Better yet, many are perennials which can be planted into the landscape to keep and use year after year!

Now here is a look at 3 great fall flowering plants that can really provide unique color to your autumn decorating:

3 Unique Fall Plants For Creating Great Big Flower Power


When it comes to an alternative to the mums hold on fall flower power – asters are the perfect choice.

From shades of white, to purple, yellow, pink, blue and more, asters bring a whole new palette of color to fall flowerbeds, planters and displays. And with blooms that can hold on right up until the first frost, they provide long-lasting color as well.

With their daisy-like blooms, they add a new dimension to the landscape. Asters can be used by themselves, or with mums to really provide a punch of color.

unique fall flowering plants
Asters can be found in a wide array of blooming styles and colors. Not only do they provide lasting fall color, they also are a great late-season food source for birds, bees & butterflies.

As they have gained in popularity the last few years, many stores now sell asters in flowering pots just like mums. When purchasing, look for plants that are just beginning to unfurl their buds. This will allow the plants to stay in full bloom right up until the end of fall.

Purchasing Asters For Keeps

Much like with chrysanthemums, there are hardy and non-hardy aster varieties. If you are looking to plant and keep your asters, be sure to purchase the hardy versions.

When using in containers, they can be overwintered indoors in their pots, or planted directly into the landscape. They actually provide great greenery through spring in summer before blooming each fall.

Ornamental Cabbage & Kale – 3 Unique Fall Flowering Plants

Although they are actually two separate varieties, both ornamental cabbage and kale have become one of the hottest fall decorating plants around. And is it ever easy to see why!

Ornamental cabbage and kale are both incredible options for lasting fall flower power. With their unique foliage and lasting color, they can provide interest for months. Best of all, their foliage only gets better as the temperatures drop!

Both of these plants have amazingly beautiful foliage. And it only intensifies as the temperatures cool down later and later into the autumn season.

With hues of white, purple and green, they are simply stunning as a bedding plant, or in containers and pots. For more on growing ornamental kale and cabbage, check out our article Flowering Kale & Cabbage.

Ornamental Peppers – 3 Unique Fall Flowering Plants

We have talked about our love of ornamental peppers for years. But there is just no denying that these beautiful annuals are starting to become the next big thing for fall decorating everywhere!

Ornamental pepper plants actually hit their stride just as fall arrives. For most varieties, the peppers begin to intensify in color, creating vibrant colors just when many other annuals begin to fade.

chili chili ornamental peppers hanging baskets
With shades of red, yellow and purple, ornamental pepper plants can bring big color to your fall displays. The plants tend to have their showiest blooms late in the season, making them perfect for fall decorating!

From fiery red, to brilliant yellow, orange and even purple and black, ornamental peppers are ablaze in fall color. Varieties such as Sangria, Chili-Chili or Tangerine boast plants loaded with hundreds of colorful peppers.

They are perfect all by themselves in pots or flowerbeds, or when used as an accent in fall planters. Pair them around ornamental grasses or cornstalks, and they simply look stunning in the fall. Best of all, they keep their gorgeous colors right up until the first hard frost.

If that wasn’t enough, they are highly drought and pest resistant. It certainly makes them one of the easiest and low-maintenance fall plants around. And, you can easily save their seeds to grow again next year too!

Think Outside Of The Box – 3 Unique Fall Flowering Plants

As a final thought, when decorating for fall, thinking outside of the box can bring more color and interest to your displays – and save you big money in the process.

unique fall flowering plants
Ornamental grasses and other perennials can easily be used from your landscape to fill pots and containers. It is a great way to save money, and bring more interest to your fall decorating.

For years, we have used some of our ornamental grasses in our displays to help provide height and more texture. In the fall, the plumes of many grasses really hit their stride.

The same goes for other perennials such as Sedum or Liriope, which can easily be dug up and planted into pots for fall foliage and color. The sky really is the limit!

So make this the year you add a little new and exciting interest with some unique fall flowering plants. For even more fall plant ideas, be sure to head over and check out our Simple Garden Life Fall Plant Cheat Sheet.

Here is to decorating in unique style this Autumn! Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary