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5 Unique Christmas Garden Gifts – Perfect For The Gardener In Your Life!

Are you searching for a few unique and special Christmas or holiday garden gift ideas for the gardener in your life? Well it is time for our annual “Unique Garden Gift” article – 2021 version!

It’s hard to find folks more passionate about their hobby than gardeners. Not only do they love to be among their plants, they love to talk about it every chance they get. And do they ever love getting something special that celebrates their craft!

As we do around this time every year, we try to highlight a few new or interesting Christmas garden gift ideas that are perfect for giving to the favorite gardener in your life. Or, perhaps, maybe even giving to yourself if the need be! With that in mind, here is a look at this year’s list:

5 Unique Christmas Garden Gifts

#1) The Roo Garden Apron

The Roo - Christmas Gift Ideas
The Roo Apron is the perfect harvesting helper in the garden! It goes on in a flash, and holds a lot of fresh picked veggies.

If you have ever found yourself in your garden with a shirt full of produce, you will know just how incredibly handy the Roo Apron is!

How many gardeners head to garden to check on things, only to find themselves half-way through with an ever-increasing load of vegetables they just had to pick. Before you know it, you are dropping and bruising your harvest all along the way. And of course, muttering a few things under your breath as you do.

Well, the Roo Apron is absolutely perfect for solving that issue and more. It not only has a place for storing anything you harvest as you go, but it keeps you clean in the process. Even better, you can haul tools and more in the handy pockets as well.

Best of all, the Roo goes on and off in an instant. And when you come inside, all you do is release the ropes, and your harvest comes out the bottom. Talk about easy and effortless! Best of all, these useful aprons come in bright, beautiful colors, and are one size fits all. Product Link : Roo Garden Apron

#2 – The Hori Hori Tool – Unique Christmas Garden Gifts

We have talked about this tool before on the blog, and for good reason. It is simply the one tool every gardener should own! You can use it for digging, trenching, planting, cutting and more.

hori hori walnut handle
With a beautiful walnut handle, this Hori Hori garden tool not only works great, but looks great too! A Hori-Hori makes an incredible garden gift. Once you have one in your tool bag, you will never want to go without.

The model we are featuring this year even comes with a handy bottle opener too. Once you are all done digging and working, you can pop the top off of your favorite refreshment to enjoy right there in the garden!

We actually love this model from Lehmans, especially with its gorgeous walnut handle. The blades are heat treated, and the serrated edge is perfect for so many uses in the garden. It is one tool that once a gardener uses, they won’t be able to live without! Product Link : Hori Hori Tool

#3 Waterproof Solar Ground Lights – Unique Christmas Garden Gifts

There is nothing more beautiful than lighting up a garden flowerbed or walkway at night. Not only does it showcase the plants, it can make your evening garden strolls safer as well.

But running landscaping lights can be expensive and time consuming. And, there is always the problem of trying to find an outdoor outlet that works too! But with the Rayolon Solar Ground Lights, wiring and electricity is never a problem.

unique Christmas Gifts - solar lights
The low-profile design of these solar lights has several advantages. Not only do keep view lines clear, they also are not a big trip hazard.

With their low disc design, they are hardly noticed during the day. But at night, they brighten up walkways and flowerbeds with glow of their warm, soft light. Fully charged from the sun, they can light pathways for six to eight hours once the sun goes down.

With 12 total lights included with the set, there are more than enough discs to light up any garden or walkway with ease! Product Link : Rayolon LED Solar Ground Lights

#4 Tomato Rings – Unique Christmas Garden Gifts

Chalk this gift up as one that will really get folks talking in your garden. Tomato rings are the perfect answer for the gardener who likes to use stakes for holding up their tomatoes, peppers, beans and more. But does it ever turn an ordinary stake into something special.

Anyone who has have ever used a tomato stake knows how difficult it can be to get twine to stick to the post. I know whenever we have tried to use them, we always struggle mightily getting anything to stay up. And that is exactly where these cool tomato rings come to the rescue!

tomato rings - unique Christmas Gifts
These tomato rings attach easily to round or square stakes and provide fast, sturdy support. No more struggling getting twine to stay in place!

Tomato rings work well on round or square stakes. They slide over the stake, and then the resin clamps quickly and easily secure the tings to the stake. Tying off plants has never been so easy!

For best results, you will need to use stakes that are at least 1 x 2 inches thick, but will work on stakes up to a full 2 inches thick. One thing is for sure – they provide a ton of support, and are quite the conversation piece too! Product Link : Tomato Rings

#5 Journals Unlimited Garden Journal – Unique Christmas Garden Gifts

Hands down, one of the best ways to have more success in your garden is to keep a garden journal. And when it comes to great garden journals, the Journal Unlimited version is one of the best.

This beautiful journal is unique in that it includes prompts to help guide you to capture the things that really matter most in the garden. And that can be so important in future years when it comes to knowing what worked, and what didn’t – along with when, how and where you planted. Made from recycled heavy duty, acid free paper, the journal holds up well over time. Product Link: Garden Journal

The Garden Journal
The perfect gift for the gardener in your life – a beautiful garden journal! This journal is one of the best around, letting the gardener keep all kinds of great info at the ready!
One Final Thought…

Last but not least, if you are still searching for the perfect gift for your favorite gardener – how about giving them the gift of time! Print up a little certificate or card, and donate a few hours or a future day to help pull weeds, mulch – or bring over a lunch to enjoy in the garden. As always, it truly is the thought that counts most!

Here is to finding that something special for the gardener in your life this year. We hope you enjoyed this year’s list of unique garden gifts. Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary.

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