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Board & Batten Metal Siding – An Amazing New Way To Create A Beautiful, No Care Exterior!

Where has board & batten metal siding been all of our lives?! If you are thinking about building or remodeling a home, garage, barn – or even a barndominium, board and batten metal siding is worth a look!

When faced with covering the exterior of our barndominium at the farm, we looked at just about every option possible. Wood, metal, stone, cement board, brick, and anything else we could find as a viable option.

One thing was for sure, we wanted something that would last. On top of that, we wanted a surface that required little in the way of short term or long term maintenance. That meant one that would require no future painting, caulking or sealing chores for the foreseeable future!

board and batten metal siding
The board and batten metal siding going on our barndominium project. The textured metal will be a great contrast to the stacked stone we will be installing at the bottom. As for the plywood window at the top, its a temporary fix while we wait on the real window to arrive :).

With both of us in our early 50’s now, keeping our future home maintenance free is a top priority. As much as we loved the cedar siding on our old farmhouse, it was certainly not low-maintenance. It required regular painting and caulking, and it was something we knew we wouldn’t always want or be able to do.

Discovering Board & Batten Metal Siding

As we looked at all of the possible materials we could use, the list grew short fairly fast. Wood was obviously out. As was cement board. Since both require future painting, we crossed them off quickly.

We also knew that vinyl and other synthetic siding choices just wouldn’t look right for the barn-style home. We loved the thought of stone, but knew to stone the entire house simply wouldn’t be feasible.

Board & Batten Metal Siding
As much as we loved the cedar siding on our old house, it required regular care. Between staining, sealing and caulking, it kept us busy. It was something we certainly wanted to avoid when building our new home at the new farm.

That left metal siding. And to be honest, both of us simply didn’t want the house to look like a pole barn. Metal is great for durability, long life and low maintenance. But we were afraid if we used traditional metal siding it would just end up looking too commercial.

Board & Batten Metal

And then a builder that we know and trust told us about a newer product that combined metal with the classic look of wood board and batten siding. Not only that, he let us know we could order the siding in a textured look that made it all that more authentic.

The crazy thing was, we have always loved the look of classic board & batten siding. And, we knew it would be the perfect look to finish the exterior of the new barndominium.

metal board and batten siding
Board and batten metal siding rivals the classic look of wood board and batten siding. Except you don’t need to paint the metal siding every few years!

We just didn’t want all of the painting and upkeep that comes from using wood. But with board and batten textured metal siding – all of that changed. And I have to say, now that it is up and on the barndominium, we are elated with the results!

Here is a look at the benefits of board and batten siding, along with a look at how textured metal really takes it to the next level.

The Benefits of Board & Batten Metal Siding

One of the most important advantages using metal siding of any kind is that it requires near zero maintenance. In fact, unless you want to power wash off dust every few years, there is no maintenance at all.

With metal siding, you never have to worry about pests. That is a huge relief when it comes to battling carpenter bees and termites. Even better, there is never a need for painting or sealing either!

With a 40 year paint adhesion warranty and a 30 year fade warranty, it’s nice knowing the exterior of our home will be worry free for a long, long time.

barndominum project at the farm
The board and batten siding is all on the barndominium now – we just need it to warm up so the stone can go on! Together, the two surfaces should be worry free for decades!

What really makes the look of the board and batten so special is that all of the fasteners are concealed. Unlike traditional metal siding where you see the screws, the board and batten metal panel screws are hidden within the ribs.

Not only does this create a great “finished” look, it also means you don’t have to worry about fasteners rusting. In addition, the sealed panels keep wind and moisture from getting behind the panels as well.

Textured Metal -The Ultimate Board & Batten Look!

We purchased all our metal siding and roofing from Premier Metals out of Sugar Creek, Ohio.

One of the reasons we love Premier’s products are that in addition to smooth metal, they create a textured board and batten style that is simply amazing.

With all of the fasteners hidden on the siding, it leaves a clean, unblemished look. Even the corners of the siding have a clean, finished look that makes the siding really pop. It is a bit hard to see the texture in the photos, but in person, it makes a huge difference compared to regular metal.

The smooth metal board and batten styles are certainly great options, but for us, the textured metal is the way to go. The texture just gives the metal a warmer, more elegant look. And it come available in some really great colors too! See : Premier Textured Metal Colors

It is a bit higher in cost, but when you consider how long it will last, it is definitely a worthy investment. The textured look not only adds dimension, but it pairs really well with other materials that will go along side of it.

We are installing stack stone on the bottom portion of our barndominium, and the textured metal makes for the perfect companion material.


Perhaps the best aspect of all is just how versatile metal board and batten is. It fits in anywhere, whether covering a barn, garage, or yes, even a barndominium. The look is timeless, just as the original wood board and batten was and still is!

siding for garage
Board and batten metal siding looks great on homes, garages, barns – and wherever else you can think to use it!

But unlike traditional board and batten siding, metal siding goes up fast! In fact, the Weaver Barns crew had our entire barndominium siding installed in a single day. And unlike wood board and batten, once it was up, it was complete. No need for painting, sealing – or worrying about carpenter bees and termites.

Installation is pretty straightforward. Using hidden fasteners that are covered by the battens, it goes up much like vinyl siding would.

Board & batten metal also has one more advantage, and that is that it can be installed in variety of ways. It looks great vertically or horizontally, or when using a combination of the two. It really allows for an almost infinite amount of looks and configurations for any application.

In fact, we love the look so much, we are using to use it to cover our guest cottage at the farm too! Here is to using board and batten metal siding on your next project. And – to having no worries for the next 40 years! Happy Building – Jim and Mary.

Jim and Mary Competti have been writing gardening, DIY and recipe articles and books for over 15 years from their 46 acre Ohio farm. The two are frequent speakers on all things gardening and love to travel in their spare time.

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