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How To Grow Everbearing Strawberries – Grow Strawberries All Season Long!

Growing a crop of everbearing strawberries is one of the best ways to keep a fresh supply of delicious berries on hand all summer long. In fact, actually, all the way from late spring right up until the end of fall – and you won’t believe how easy they are to plant and grow!

There are two distinct types of strawberry plants, June bearing and Everbearing. June bearing strawberries produce their crop all at once, usually over a two to three week period in early summer.

In most climates, this occurs in June, hence the name. June bearing varieties are well known to produce a large harvest, which can be great for fresh eating, but also for preserving as well.

how to grow strawberries - everbearing
June bearing strawberries produce a large crop all at once. That makes them perfect for growing to preserve delicious treats like strawberry jam!

The only issue with June bearing strawberries is that once they are done, they are done! Unfortunately, that can leave those wanting access to fresh strawberries in their garden high and dry for the rest of the summer.

And that is exactly where growing everbearing strawberry plants can fill the void!

The Beauty of Growing Everbearing Strawberries

Everbearing varieties set their first fruits in late spring, just like June bearing strawberries. The first harvest can be sizable, but is usually not at the same level as June bearing plants.

However, and this is a big however, everbearing strawberries will continue to set fruit throughout the remainder of the summer as well. And that makes them the perfect choice for keeping fresh strawberries on the table!

Where To Plant & Grow Everbearing Strawberries

Everbearing varieties can actually grow in all types of gardening situations, and in a variety of areas. In fact, it’s just one more reason they are such a wonderful type of strawberry to grow.

One of the best attributes of everbearing strawberries is that you can grow them anywhere. They work well in everything from container and pots, to large garden beds.

Everbearing varieties can grow in a traditional garden setting, raised rows, raised beds, containers, and even hanging baskets. They are perennial plants, and still need to be protected through winter, but the ability to have them grow anywhere is certainly a big plus.

As for the quality and size of everbearing types, there is often a misconception that they are not as flavorful, or as large in size as their June bearing counterparts.

It is true that overall, the berries tend to be a bit smaller in size. But as far as flavor, they can be just as sweet and delicious as any June bearer.

And as for the size and overall yields, in recent years, new varieties have been developed that are rivaling June bearing types like never before. In fact, at the end of today’s article, we have included info and links on some of the best Everbearing varieties to now grow.

Before we get to that, lets take a look at how to plant and maintain an everbearing crop, as well as how to overwinter them safely.

How To Plant, Grow & Maintain Everbearing Strawberries

All strawberries will grow best in fertile soil that drains well. Whether you are planting in your garden or in a container, make sure the soil is filled with plenty of nutrients before planting.

Adding compost is one of the best ways to accomplish this in a raised beds or a garden setting. For potted plants, adding fine compost and worm castings to the soil are both excellent options. Product Link : Worm Castings

No matter where you plant, be sure to plant the crown of the strawberry plant slightly above the soil line. The crown of a strawberry plant is the thick section just above the top root section of the plant.

Strawberry plants do not handle excess moisture well, and this will help keep the crown from sitting down in a pool of water after a hard rain or watering. This is a big key to success for garden planted everbearing plants, and for ones going into containers and pots.

growing everbearing strawberries
Everbearing strawberries may not produce as many fruits at once as June bearing, but their harvest can still be large. Especially when you realize they produce all summer long.

Watering, Fertilizing & Pruning- Growing Everbearing Strawberries

Proper watering of your everbearing strawberry plants is equally important to their success. Especially for those planted in containers where they can quickly dry out in the hot summer air.

During the growing season, plant should receive one to two inches of rain per week. Container plants may need watering daily to keep the plant producing new blooms and fruit. Water at this point is crucial, as it helps develop juicier and more robust berries.

Regular fertilizing is an important part of their success as well. Apply a monthly dose of a balanced, slow-release fertilizer for best results. A good rule of thumb is to use a fertilizer in the 5-5-5 to 10-10-10 NPK range. (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)

Pruning is one area where everbearing varieties differ from that of June bearing strawberries. June bearers should be pruned back completely in early summer just as they finish fruiting.

But everbearing do not require nor need massive pruning. Instead, prune back only the runners on everbearing plants to the main plant as they begin to go dormant in late fall. This keeps the plants stronger through winter, and ready to grow again next spring!

Overwintering – Growing Everbearing Strawberries

Because everbearing strawberries are a perennial, you will need to protect your plants over the winter. Especially if you live in a climate where winters can become harsh. The best way to do this is with a thick application of mulch.

how to mulch everbearing strawberries
Mulch is important to strawberry plants. It helps to regulate soil temperature, as well as keep the fruit from damage. It is also important in the winter to keep plants from freezing out.

For everbearing varieties planted in a traditional garden, bed, or raised bed, you will need to apply a 4 to 6 inch layer of mulch once the plants go dormant in the fall. For potted plants, there are a couple of options for winterizing.

You can dig holes in your garden or flowerbeds and “plant” the container plants down into the soil. That, along with a layer of thick layer of mulch on top will keep them from freezing in most climates.

You can also keep potted plants safe in an unheated garage or barn. Apply a light mulch to the top of the plant as well, and be sure to water the plants every month or so to keep the soil from drying out completely.

Now that we have covered how to plant and maintain a perennial crop of everbearing strawberries, below is an in depth look at some of the best everbearing varieties to plant for a delicious, season-long crop.

Everbearing Strawberries – 4 Great Varieties To Plant To Grow Strawberries All Summer Long

Ozark Beauty – Grow Strawberries All Summer Long!

Ozark beauty produces sweet and juicy strawberries that can rival June bearing varieties in size and flavor. One thing is sure, Ozarks are heavy producing plants!

They are rated for growing zones 4 through 8, and are disease resistant as well. Space plant when planting in a garden setting 12 to 18 inches apart. Product Link : Ozark Strawberry Bare Root Plants

Albion Everbearing Strawberries – Grow Strawberries All Summer Long!

Albion is a wonderful all-purpose everbearing strawberry that is perfect for fresh eating, or for preserving or freezing. Plants produce deep red berries that are both sweet and firm.

Albion grows in zones four through seven, and will produce right up until mid fall. Product Link: Albion Bare Root trawberry Plants

Fort Laramie Everbearing Strawberries – Grow Strawberries All Summer Long!

When it comes to growing everbearing strawberries in climates with cold winters, Fort Laramie is an excellent choice. This hardy perennial can handle growing zones three through seven in stride. With a super sweet flavor, it performs well in containers or directly in beds, Product Link: Fort Laramie Strawberry Bare Root Plants

Eversweet Everbearing Strawberry Plant – Grow Strawberries All Summer Long!

Eversweet is a delicious everbearing variety that can grow well in any setting you place it in. A popular choice for raised beds and containers, it can handle hot temperatures without worry, and is great for warm areas.

Eversweet is extremely disease resistant and self pollinating, so a single plant in a pot can still produce viable fruit. It can be grown with confidence in zones five through eight. Product Link: Eversweet Bare Root Strawberry Plants

Here is to adding everbearing strawberries to your landscape this year – and enjoying the fruits of your labor for years to come! Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary.

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