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Christmas Gift Ideas! 6 Unique Gifts To Give Gardeners This Year

It’s time for our annual Christmas gift ideas list – where we try to give a few unique gifting ideas for those who might be searching for that “perfect” present for the gardener in their life!

For us, it’s always fun trying to find something special to give to our fellow gardening friends for the holiday season. Whether it’s creating a homemade gift basket from the farm or finding a special present on-line, we are always on the search for things that can keep the love of gardening front and center. And sometimes that search leads to things we love for own garden too!

This year’s list is filled with all kinds of interesting ideas. From garden decorations, games and gardening tools to everything in between, there is sure to be something on the list to surprise your favorite gardener with something special. With that in mind, let’s get to this year’s list!

6 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Gardeners

#1 – Real Steel Garden Markers

This might just be our favorite gift idea on the list this year, and wow will these Real Steel plant and seed markers ever look great in the vegetable garden. Even better, because they are made from steel, they will last!

garden marker signs
In addition to being sturdy, these Real Steel garden markers look incredibly elegant. They will look right at home in traditional gardens, raised beds or even containers.

These garden markers are laser cut into steel and create an incredibly beautiful and elegant look for any garden setting. With 40 different vegetable and herb markers available, you can create a set to match any layout or garden method. In addition, at 11 inches tall and 6 inches wide at the marking point, they really stand out!

What we love most about these garden marker signs are their strength, durability and good looks. And talk about fun, they even have special marker signs for “Weeds”, “I Don’t Know” and “Oops”.

The “I Don’t Know” & “Oops” markers are perfect for all of those random seeds and plants that you have no idea where or when you planted. And let’s face it, we all end up with those plants somewhere in our garden every year!

The steel signs are powder coated for durability and can be purchased individually or in sets made to order. Product Link : RealSteel – Seed & Plant Marker Signs

#2 – The Everything For The Garden Puzzle – 6 Christmas Gift Ideas For Gardeners This Year!

What better way for a gardener to pass the long winter hours away by working a puzzle? Especially when that puzzle is all about gardening!

Christmas Garden Gift Ideas
This1000 piece vintage garden catalog puzzle is perfect for passing long, dark winter days! It is filled with photos of old seed catalogs and packets, and will keep gardeners in the gardening mood all winter long.

Let’s face it, winter can be tough on those who love to garden and be outdoors. Gardeners live for spring and planting season. And as those long, dark winter days seem to just get darker, at least working a puzzle with all of your favorite vegetables can make you feel closer to the growing season ahead.

The “Everything for the Garden” puzzle features vintage catalog covers from 1893 to 1906. With old-time seed packets and classic vegetable photos, this 1000 piece colorful puzzle will brighten up those long winter days in style! Product Link: Everything for the Garden – 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

#3 Meperez German Pruners & Garden Clippers – 6 Christmas Gift Ideas For Gardeners This Year!

If you know of someone who might not have the hand strength they used to, or might suffer from arthritis or aching hands, the Meperez German pruners are an incredibly thoughtful gift of grip.

At just 8 ounces in total weight, the pruners are lightweight but still tremendously powerful. The ratchet mechanism saves on your hands, increasing the force of your power by 3 times. Thick branches can be easily cut without force. The pruners can do wonders for eliminating hand fatigue and soreness.

Not only are these ratcheting pruners easy to handle, they cut with 3 times more power. Lightweight and strong, they can keep hands from getting sore and tired when pruning.

The super sharp and strong steel blades can last for up to ten years without ever needing to be replaced. And even better, they have a Teflon coating to keep them from rusting. A wonderful gift indeed for any gardener when working in their yard and garden. Product Link: MEPEREZ Garden German Clippers & Pruners.

#4 – Saker Mini Chain Saw – 6 Christmas Gift Ideas For Gardeners This Year

Speaking of cutting big limbs with ease, the Saker mini chain saw is definitely one of the favorite new tools on our farm! So much so, that we will actually be featuring this great little battery powered chainsaw in an upcoming article on best electric gardening tools to own.

The Saker mini chainsaw is easy to operate and control. In fact you only need to use one hand when cutting. Mary loves it for using all over the farm. She simply doesn’t want to handle a bulky, heavy chainsaw. But with the Saker, she can cut down even large limbs and small trees with little effort!

Christmas gifts for gardeners - electric chainsaw
Not only is the mini chain saw powerful, it’s also lightweight. In addition, it can fit into tight spaces big cutters and chainsaws can’t!

I love it because it eliminates me having to drag out and start the big gas chainsaw for small jobs. It has surprising cutting power for such a lightweight tool. Even better, the 20 Volt battery lasts more than long enough for small and big jobs alike.

Last but not least, it also happens to be great for getting into tight areas to make cuts without trying to use a heavy, gas powered chainsaw. Product Link : Saker Mini Electric Chain Saw

#5 – Instant Soil Tester 4 In 1 With LED Display – 6 Christmas Gift Ideas For Gardeners This Year

A must for every gardener, whether you grow flowers, a vegetable garden, houseplants – or all three! This instant read soil probe can tell you the moisture level of the soil, the PH of the soil, the temperature of the soil, and even the intensity of the sunlight!

6 unique Christmas gifts for gardeners - soil tester
In addition to telling the soil moisture and PH, this tester can also test for soil temperature and light intensity.

It is so nice to have all of those features in just one tool. The moisture meter is probably our favorite tool of the four on the instrument – allowing us to check hanging baskets and pots in an instant. No more wondering if plants need to be watered or not.

The digital read out makes it easy to see results, and this little probe stores away easily. It is one tool that truly every gardener should have in their tool bag! Product Link – Instant Soil Tester 4 In 1 With LED Display

#6 Culinary Herb Seed Collection – 6 Christmas Gift Ideas For Gardeners This Year

Know a gardener who loves to cook? Or perhaps a cook who loves or wants to garden? Then what better to give them than their very own culinary herb garden!

This seed collection of culinary herbs from Eden Brothers contains 10 great herbs for using in the kitchen. Sweet Basil, Italian Parsley, Curled Parsley, Cilantro, Arugula Rocket, Dill Bouquet, Chives, Garlic Chives, Chervil, and Fennel seeds.

Even better, Eden Brothers gave Old World Garden Farms our own special 20% code to pass along to our readers to save even more. Just type in OLDWORLD20 when checking out in the coupon code area and you can save 20% on anything! Product Link : Culinary Herb Seed Collection

culinary herb collection
Who wouldn’t love having their own kitchen herbs growing right outdoors? Not only that, but you can save 20% too!

Here is to finding that perfect gift for the gardener in your life! Happy Gardening, Jim and Mary.

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