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Companion Plants That Help Tomatoes – 3 Amazing Plants To Grow With Tomatoes!

Believe it or not, what you plant and grow with or near your tomato plants can have a big impact on how well they perform, how they deal with pests, and even how they taste – and that is exactly why companion planting your tomatoes with the right plants can do wonders for your crop!

Companion planting is the practice of planting mutually beneficial plants near one another. It has been around for centuries, and can certainly play a key role in the success of growing a wide variety of flowers, vegetables and herbs.

But for tomatoes, the advantages of growing the right plants nearby rises to a whole new level! Tomato plants have more than their fair share of issues to deal with. For starters, they have a wide variety of pests that love to attack them. Pests that can wipe an entire crop out all by themselves.

what to plant with tomatoes
What you grow near your tomato plants can help it fight off pest attacks. One great example are marigolds, which deter a massive number of pests that love tomatoes. They also bring in others that like to dine on the pests too!

If that wasn’t enough, tomatoes can also be afflicted by a lot of disease and ailments as well. And, to compound matters, those ailments become even more likely if the plant is first weakened by pest attacks! But that is exactly where companion panting comes to the rescue.

More Reasons To Companion Plant…

As it turns out, one of the best ways to protect your tomatoes naturally is by planting other plants that can help them out right along with them. Not only can a few of their favorite companions help deter the pests that attack tomatoes most, other varieties can actually attract beneficial insects that kill those pests.

So whether you grow your tomatoes in a traditional garden, raised beds, or even in pots, containers or grow bags – placing a few companion varieties in close proximity can pay off big when it comes to your tomato harvest.

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With that in mind, here is a look at three of the best of the best to grow near your tomatoes this year. As an added bonus – all three also happen to help make your garden look and smell better too. Talk about a win-win!

3 Amazing Plants To Grow With Tomatoes


Marigolds are one of the best companion plants of all to plant with tomatoes. In fact, the benefits they bring to your tomato crop are almost too good to be true. And when you add in that they can be grown easily from seed, it’s crazy not to take advantage of this gorgeous flowering annual!

For starters, marigolds protect your tomato plants from nematodes. Nematodes love feasting on the roots of tomato plants. They feed so heavily that they rot out the roots of the plant, slowly killing it in the process.

But marigolds come to the rescue against nematodes. They secrete a chemical that is deadly to the tiny pest. It doesn’t just drive away this destructive pest, but kills the entire population of nematodes – and for good. Affiliate Seed Link: French Marigolds Seeds

best plants to grow with tomatoes - marigolds
Marigolds are one of the most effective companion plants in the vegetable garden – and that is especially true when it comes to growing tomatoes!

The blooms of marigolds are amazingly helpful to tomatoes too. They attract beneficial pollinators like butterflies, bees and wasps. But at the same time, their pungent and distinctive odor repels white flies, tomato hornworms and aphids. All of which can be quite destructive to tomato plants.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the mighty marigold also helps keep away small animals like rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels and even deer from invading. See: How To Plant Marigolds With Tomatoes – And Why Tomato Plants Love It!

Zinnias – 3 Amazing Plants To Grow With Tomatoes

Zinnias are another wondrous annual flower to plant near your tomatoes. Much as with marigolds, zinnias attract pollinators in droves. Honey bees, wasps and butterflies all love them. As do hummingbirds, whose high speed wings can help with wind pollination between tomato plants as they fly by.

Zinnias also attract lady bugs, another beneficial insect that can pay huge dividends for your tomato crop. Lady bugs consume deadly mites and aphids at an amazing pace. In fact, a single lady bug can eat a few thousand or more aphids in its lifetime!

zinnias and tomatoes - companion planting
Zinnias provide protection for your tomatoes, and beauty for your garden! They are also a wonderful cut flower, so they can be great for your indoors as well.

Making zinnias even more attractive is just how easily they grow from seed. To plant, simply scatter and cover seeds with 1/4 to 1/8th inch of soil. Water the seeds into the soil and sit back and watch your zinnias take off!

Zinnias don’t only add protection and pollination help, they also add amazing beauty to your garden. Their gorgeous and colorful blooms are a sight to behold. And as a cut and come again flower, they can provide flowers for your table and home all summer long. Affiliate Seed Link: Zinnia Seeds

Basil – 3 Amazing Plants To Grow With Tomatoes

In the kitchen, basil and tomatoes go together like bread and butter. The delicious herb has long been a cooking and flavoring companion of tomatoes. Especially when you add a little fresh mozzarella to the mix for the perfect Caprese salad.

But basil also happens to be the perfect partner for tomatoes in the garden too! Much like zinnias and marigolds, basil is excellent for repelling whiteflies, aphids and the dreaded tomato hornworm.

When planted directly beside or even underneath the canopy of your tomato plants, not only can it help protect them from all three, the tomatoes actually help the basil grow better by providing a bit of shade for the plant.

basil and tomatoes
Companion planting tomatoes with basil can also result in some delicious flavors in the kitchen!

There is also one other benefit of growing basil with tomatoes that many world-renowned chefs swear by – and that is that growing basil with tomatoes improves the overall flavor profile of any tomato growing nearby. Affiliate Seed Link: Basil Seeds

Planting Basil Seeds With Tomatoes

Finally, just as with the other two featured tomato companion plants, basil is easy to grow from seed. Simply sow the seeds at the same time to you plant your tomato transplants in the ground.

If you happen to plant your tomatoes in containers, add a single basil plant to them as well. Basil uses little resources from the soil, so the plants can coexist quite easily.

Here is to growing marigolds, zinnias and basil near your tomatoes this year, and to having your best tomato crop ever! Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary.

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