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The Amazing Secret To Keep Mice Away – From Anywhere & Anything!

Looking for the simple secret to keep mice away – and stop them from getting inside and wreaking havoc by nesting in your barn, garage, shed, equipment and vehicles?

Beyond the panic of opening up a box and having a mouse jump out at you – or seeing one scurry across the floor in front of your feet as you are sitting on your couch – mice can do more than simply scare or startle an unsuspecting human.

Unfortunately, in addition to carrying and spreading a long list of diseases – mice can also do serious damage to your home, property and equipment. Not only will they chew through blankets, clothing and rugs to make nests for their family, they will also chew through electrical wires, battery wires and more, often causing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the process.

how to keep mice away
There is nothing cute about a mouse that makes its way inside of you house, garage, shed or vehicles. They can cause major damage – and in short order!

We, unfortunately know that pain at our farm all too well. About five years ago, we failed to protect an old farm truck we were storing outside over winter. And did a family of mice ever cause some serious damage.

First, they chewed through the wires from both the starter and battery cables under the hood. They also made their way inside and nested under the old cloth seats. Replacing the cables and wires was bad enough. But trying to get that all too familiar “mice have lived here” smell out of the truck took weeks!

Ending Our Mice Issue For Good – The Amazing Secret To Keep Mice Away

To make matters worse, it was that same year we had a whole house generator installed. And when it failed to go off on its regular weekly test – it was again a mouse who had chewed through the wires under the main compartment.

For years up to that point it seemed we always had an issue somewhere. They would find a way into the garage and get into boxes. They would find a way into our barn and get into grass seed or our chicken feed. And yes, they even made there way once into our camper we park outside as well.

I think however it was the generator and the old farm truck that finally tipped the scales. Enough was enough, and we began to try to research the best way to keep mice away and out of things – whether they were inside or parked outside!

protecting equipment from mice
Both our old farm truck and our camper used to be a prime fall and winter target for mice

We are not big believers in traps or sticky pads for all kinds of reasons. Not only are they messy and difficult to work with – our goal is not to kill mice but to simply keep them out of our things. If they want to live happily outdoors – it’s fine with us.

But one thing was for sure – we had to stop the damage. And with a simple suggestion from a friend a few years back, we have never had an issue since!

The Amazing Secret To Keep Mice Away – From Anywhere & Anything!

Falling In Love With Grandpa Gus

Who knew that Grandpa Gus would be our saving grace? After lamenting about the truck and generator damage to a friend, he told me about Grandpa Gus. No, he’s not a famous mouse fighter – but an all natural product that has all but ended our mice issue now for going on 5+ years.

Grandpa Gus’s Extra-Strength Mouse Repellent are small, 2″ square papery pouches. And they are filled with an incredibly strong scent of cinnamon and mint – which mice happen to despise. What makes them particularly great is that the little pouches can be placed almost anywhere.

That first year, we placed them in our camper, under the hood of the old truck, inside the truck – and also in every piece of lawn and garden equipment that had an engine and/or wires in the garage and barn.

grandpa gus in the engine compartment
Every fall, when we put the truck away for the winter – we put packets of Grandpa Gus in the engine compartment – and inside the cab. They work like a charm to keep mice out!

I will be the first to admit we were a bit skeptical. Would it really work? And would it work all fall and winter long? For us, we figured what do we have to lose? To boot, Mary is not fond of mice in the least. So she was more than willing to try anything if she could stop getting surprised by these little guys each and every winter!

Keeping The Farm Safe – The Amazing Secret To Keep Mice Away

We certainly don’t take recommending products lightly on our website. But I will tell you this, Grandpa Gus saved the day for us. And he continues to do so year after year every fall and winter!

That first year, every single place we put a packet was mouse-free. Even in the barn where for years mice were able to get into grass seed bags and the chicken feed. In fact, the only place we had a mouse that year was where I had not placed one – on our grill on the back patio!

It was late November at that point, and a warmer than usual day. Mary decided it was a perfect day to grill and went out to light it. When I heard the all-too familiar scream that I had not heard in a few years – I knew we had a mouse. And yes, from then on, Grandpa Gus guards our outdoor grills too! Product Affiliate Link : Grandpa Gus’s Extra Strength Mouse Pouches

For us, it is a game changer. Not only for saving equipment, but we also use them in our garden shed, our sleeping cabins, garage and anywhere we think a mouse might try to enter. For the garden sheds and small sleeping cabins – we simply put them in front of the doors. To date – we’ve never had a mouse visit.

Using Grandpa Gus’s Packets – The Amazing Secret To Keep Mice Away

A few extra notes on our experience with the packets. For starters, we love that the packets are made from all-natural plant oils of cinnamon and mint. And one thing is for sure, when you open up a bag of 10 packets, you get that strong scent right away!

For pouches we use more out in the open – we change them out every 30 to 45 days to keep the scent strong. For packets we place in vehicles and equipment in a closed space, we leave them for about 3 months. The total key to success is to make sure the scent stays strong.

Obviously, it’s still extremely important to seal off openings and keep things shut up to keep out mice. But for us, it’s nice to know that we can protect things that can’t always be sealed off without worry. Here is to keeping mice away for good! Happy Mice Free Living! Jim and Mary

Jim and Mary Competti have been writing gardening, DIY and recipe articles and books for over 15 years from their 46 acre Ohio farm. The two are frequent speakers on all things gardening and love to travel in their spare time.

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