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7 Ways To Use WD-40 You Never Knew Would Work!

One thing is for sure, it really is amazing how just how many ways you can use WD-40 around your home. And perhaps just as incredible are all of the myths and legends that exist about this legendary product – including just exactly what’s in the formula, what WD-40 stands for, and most importantly, where you should and shouldn’t use it.

If there is one product that we have in nearly every building on our farm, it’s a can of WD-40. And yes, just as our parents and their parents once did, we use it to solve all kinds of issues.

WD-40 is a lifesaver for helping us to remedy a short list of common problems. Almost everyone knows it’s perfect for helping to loosen rusted bolts that simply won’t budge. And, of course, it’s also great for spraying on metal garden tool blades to keep them from rusting.

ways to use wd-40
You might just be surprised at some of the ways you can use WD-40, and some of the ways you can’t!

But as it turns out, there is a lot more it can do. In fact, the legend of WD-40 is on an almost equal level with duct tape when it comes to everything it can fix!

The Legend Of WD-40 – 7 Ways To Use WD-40 You Never Knew

All you have to do is spend a little time on the internet searching WD-40, and you will be more than shocked and amazed at what it supposedly can do. But are they really true? Can it really get crayon out of carpets and off of walls? And is it really made of fish oil as the legend goes?

We decided to look into all of the fuss and surprisingly, found out along with some misconceptions, there are actually some pretty unique ways to use it that we never knew of. And yes, after trying them, they really do work!

We thought for this week’s article, we would share seven unique ways you might have never known WD-40 could be used, along with a couple of ways it shouldn’t!

A Little History – 7 Ways To Use WD-40 You Never Knew!

Let’s start off by quickly covering a few of the myths about WD-40. For starters, even though you may read it repeatedly on the internet, WD-40’s main ingredient is not Fish Oil. As you will see later, that is important when it comes to one of the myths about what it can be used for.

The formula was actually developed over 60 years ago by the Rocket Chemical Company. At the time, they were trying to make a rust prevention liquid for the space industry.

removing bolts with WD-40

So how did it get it’s name? Actually the WD stands for water displacement. As in, it won’t let moisture get to surface to cause rust. And the 40? Funny enough, it was because it took the lab assistants 40 tries to get the formula right!

Last but not least, as for the formula, it still remains a secret to this day, although WD-40 assures all who visit their website that it’s not made from fish oil. Now on to those 7 unique ways to use it!

7 Ways To Use WD-40 You Never Knew Would Work!

#1 Remove Crayon From Rugs, Clothes & Walls

The same water displacement make-up that makes WD-40 stop rust also helps remove crayon from nearly anything. Spraying or rubbing it on the crayon will help take it out of rugs, clothes, wall paper and even off paint.

#2 Keeps Wicker Furniture From Squeaking – 7 Crazy Ways To Use WD-40 You Never Knew Would Work!

Can’t stand all of those squeaks coming from your wicker furniture every time you sit down? As crazy as it sounds, WD-40 can come to the rescue. By simply spraying on a little of the lubricant and then wiping off with a paper towel – the wicker will magically stop squeaking.

This was one we just had to try for ourselves right away. And yes, it instantly took the squeak out of the rocker that had been squeaking for month!

how to use WD-40
WD-40 is perfect for stopping wicker chairs from squeaking!
Keeps Snow Off Your Snow Shovel – 7 Crazy Ways To Use WD-40 You Never Knew Would Work!

This is actually one we have used on our snow shovels for years, and it really does work. There is nothing worse than shoveling wet snow and having it continually stick. It’s bad enough to have to shovel, but it makes it twice as hard when you have to take your hand and keep knocking it off!

By simply spraying and wiping down the blades of your plastic or metal snow shovels, wet snow will not stick. The same water-barrier properties of the spray work to keep the water in the snow from adhering to the shovel.

Stripping Off Decals – 7 Crazy Ways To Use WD-40 You Never Knew Would Work!

Looking for a way to get rid of those old bumper stickers from your car? How about price stickers that won’t come off of glass jars? Just spray a little WD-40 on the decal, let it soak in for five minutes or so, and watch it peel off! It’s also great for removing the sticky residue underneath.

Removes Ink From Blue Jeans – 7 Crazy Ways To Use WD-40 You Never Knew Would Work!

The WD-40 pens that let you pinpoint the application are great for this! Product Affiliate Link: WD-40 Original Formula- Precision Pen On-The-Go

Removes Scuff Marks From Luggage – 7 Crazy Ways To Use WD-40 You Never Knew Would Work!

Tired of having all of those scuff marks on your luggage? Between airport luggage machines and throwing bags in and out of trunks, it’s easy for luggage to end up looking pretty scuffed. But a little WD-40 and a cloth will take those scuffs of in seconds!

Removes Melted Gum – 7 Crazy Ways To Use WD-40 You Never Knew Would Work!

Not only can WD-40 remove crayon, it can also remove melted gum. Simply spray or dab on some WD-40 and allow the liquid to penetrate the gum surface. As soon as it does, you can take a cloth and wipe it away.

This can be perfect for those who happen to forget they might have had a pack of gum in their pockets and then washed and dried their jeans!

2 Things WD-40 Shouldn’t Be Used For

We would be remiss to not mention a couple of things WD-40 should never be used for. And believe it or not, these are actually out there as “fact” on the internet as well. If nothing else, I guess you can at least somewhat follow the logic behind the uses.

Aching Joints – Yes, believe it or not, although it does not work and should never be tried, there have been a few who have tried to use WD-40 to help heal their aching joints. Although it will loosen rusted joints and hinges – it does not work on human hinges!

Fish Bait – The other mainstay you will see quite often when internet reading is that if you spray WD-40 on fish bait, it will attract fish in large numbers. This most likely stems from the mis-belief that it is made from fish oil and would attract fish. Again, it does not, and is not safe for using to spray on bait for fish!

Here is to using WD-40 for all kinds of great DIY fixes. For even more, check out the 2000+ uses on the WD-40 website sent in from fans – 2000+ Uses For WD-40. – Jim and Mary.

Jim and Mary Competti have been writing gardening, DIY and recipe articles and books for over 15 years from their 46 acre Ohio farm. The two are frequent speakers on all things gardening and love to travel in their spare time.

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