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The Best Way To Plant Vegetable Plants & Flowers – Simple, Fast, And Easy On Your Back!

Looking for the best way to plant all of your vegetable and flower plants this year quickly and easily – all without ending up with an aching back in the process?

Let’s face it – planting can be physically challenging! Digging planting hole after planting hole and bending up and down can be hard on your body. Especially if you happen to have a big garden and a lot of flowerbeds to plant.

It’s certainly a process that took its toll on us for many years. That is, until we discovered how a simple hand held tool that was designed for helping to “plant” fence posts could turn planting our garden and flowerbeds into a breeze. And yes, we are talking about an ordinary post hole digger!

best way to plant transplants
It can take a long time planting flowerbeds and gardens with tiny shovels. Even worse, you have to bend down to do it!

Our trusty post hole digger is the star of the show when it comes to planting our garden. And we can say with almost 100% certainty that is for many other who now have adopted the same planting method for their gardens and flowerbeds!

The Best Way To Plant Vegetable And Flower Plants – The Secret To Fast, Easy Planting!

For us, there is no better tool that can quickly and easily create holes for transplants. As you will see below, not only does it create perfect planting holes in mere seconds, but because you can create all of your holes while standing up, it also happens to be great on your back.

For years now, we have been using a post hole digger to plant our entire garden. In less than just a few seconds, it creates a deep planting hole, without ever having to bend over once. It works so easy and fast that we can usually plant our entire garden (well over 50 transplants) in less than 30 minutes!

But it’s just as efficient for creating holes in flowerbeds for annual flowers and bulbs. Whether planting huge flowerbeds with annual transplants, or simply sticking a plant in here or there, our post hole digger makes quick work of the task.

Here is a look at why using a post hole digger to plant your plants is one of the best time and labor saving devices of all – and how to use it to easily create perfect planting holes wherever you need them!

post hole digger
A post hole digger lets you quickly create a deep planting hole – all without having to bend over.

The Power Of Post Hole Diggers – The Best Way To Plant Vegetable & Flower Plants

Planting transplants can be quite the chore. When using a small trowel or spade, it can be difficult bending and kneeling down to create planting holes. Not to mention, the small blade can make it hard to dig and move soil.

Unfortunately, using a large shovel isn’t much better. Not for you or your planting hole. Even though you can dig while standing up with a shovel, the large blade leaves a massive hole behind.

Not only can a shovel leave a big clump of soil to have to break up, disturbing all of that soil also means more chances to turn over weed seeds that have been laying on top of the soil. And that means far more weeds to deal with the rest of summer. See: How To Keep Weeds Out Of Flowerbeds – For Good!

But this is exactly where a post hole digger can save the day. With a post hole digger, creating a planting hole is as easy as dropping the blade, closing the handles, and lifting out the soil. In just seconds, you have an amazing planting hole that is ready to go. All without disturbing a lot of soil around the area!

shovel digging hole
Large shovels allow you to stand while digging – but the create massive planting holes and disturb a lot of surrounding soil in the process.

How To Plant Like A Pro – The Best Way To Plant Vegetable & Flower Plants

One of the biggest keys when planting vegetable transplants or flowers is to give them a deep, loose, nutrient filled planting hole. And a post hole digger does just that.

It creates a 6 to 8″ wide hole. Even better, it can reach down as far as 8 to 10″ deep. Which, by the way, just happens to be the perfect size for planting transplants! Affiliate Product Link: Post Hole Digger Tool, Heavy Duty Post Hole Digger with Fiberglass Handle

By digging the hole deep to 8 to 10 inches, it gives plenty of room to add compost, worm castings, coffee grounds and other incredible soil amendments to the bottom of the hole. Not only do all of those ingredients help power young plants, the loose soil at the bottom also lets the roots of plants establish quickly and easily.

Even better, the deeper holes allow you to plant your transplants deeper, giving them more protection from drought. The depth of the hole allows us to bury plants like our tomatoes and peppers a little deeper into the soil  (we like to plant down to the first two leaves) – allowing for great root structure to develop.

But perhaps best of all, unlike when using a shovel, you are only digging up a small area of soil. And the less soil you disturb, the less likely of planting weed seeds to haunt you later!

Easy On The Back – The Best Way To Plant Vegetable & Flower Plants

Of course, the absolute best thing of all with the post hole digger is how it saves your back. All of the holes can quickly be dug while standing up. That is a far cry better than bending and stooping over the soil with a little hand trowel or spade!

It really is a simple planting method that works like magic. Here is to saving you back this year. And – using a post hole digger to plant your vegetable and flower plants! Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary.

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