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Composting Tips

When asked the key to our garden’s success – we always come back to the basics – it all starts with great compost!

Compost is King. Great compost holds all of the nutrients needed to power your garden, and helps keep soil loose and friable. We use it liberally in all of our planting holes, as a mulch on top of plants, for top dressing on our growing rows to build-in nutrients – and as an additive to all of our homemade planter and hanging basket mixes.

For proof of the power of compost – all we need to do is look each year at what we plant in the raised beds directly in front of our compost bins.  No matter if it’s cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers or corn – the plants in that bed are always dark green, full of life – and produce heavy yields! Why – because they soak the incredible nutrients leaching from the pile.

Check out our full compliment of composting articles below – and get ready to make some black gold!

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