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Growing Peppers

Peppers have a unique taste and flavor all to their own. Whether you prefer sweet peppers, savory peppers, mild peppers, ornamental peppers or our personal favorite, hot peppers  – you can add beauty and taste to your landscape by planting and growing peppers anywhere in your yard.

Peppers can be grown in hundreds of different sizes, shapes and colors – all with their own unique beauty.

Check out all of our articles below and get ready to grow your best crop ever. From ornamental, to hot, to sweet – there is a pepper for everyone!

Growing Peppers

The Most Spectacular Hanging Basket and Container Plants Ever!

Looking for incredibly gorgeous, eye-catching, heat-resistant and head turning hanging basket or container plants? Then look no further than ornamental peppers! Sangria plants fill a hanging basket plant with a gorgeous array of color Ornamental peppers have exploded in popularity over the last 10 years.  But beyond their use in gardens, flowerbeds and kitchens, ornamental…

6 Ornamental Pepper Plants To Grow This Year

As each year passes, we find ourselves utilizing more and more new varieties of  ornamental pepper plants in everything from our garden and landscape beds - to hanging baskets all around the farm. Whether it's a mass planting of ornamental Sangria peppers in the corner bed of our…

Hot Peppers – Growing, Eating And Uses For The “HOT” Veggie!

For as far back as I can remember - I have always loved anything hot!  As a kid - my friends and I would put as many red-hots into our mouths as we could fit - and then wince in pain until the heat built…

ALL ABOUT PEPPERS…How To Grow All Kinds Of Garden Peppers

Take a stroll down the produce aisle at your local grocery store and you will quickly notice that peppers have grown in popularity.  No longer are we stuck settling for just the so-called "Traffic Light" varieties - those green, red and yellow bell peppers that seemed to be about the only choices we had growing…