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Old World Garden Farms is a website dedicated to the love of organic gardening, cooking, canning, and a diy lifestyle.  

Our pages are filled with recipes and gardening advice, along with hundreds of diy projects for those looking to live a more self sufficient lifestyle.

We have tried to incorporate simplicity and responsibility into every facet of our lives as we slowly work on our dream. With our weekly articles, we try to bring simple advice to help others create their own dream space.

old world garden farms

We grow most of our own vegetables now in a 60 x 40 plot that yielded us over 3000 lbs of vegetables last year.

Our chickens have grown up to supply our family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers with fresh eggs every day – not to mention they give us great compost for the garden.

This past summer we canned over 200 jars of our own tomato juice, pizza and pasta sauce, salsa, peppers and more. For us, we hope it’s just the beginning.

Our goal is to re-use existing structures and products and utilize new only when necessary – and to do so in a way that adds lasting beauty to the property.

Too often the image of reuse and recycle conjures up thoughts of cardboard shanties and soda pop structures in what can only be called a junk yard.

That’s a stereotype we hope to break with Old World Garden Farm. Showing that you can recycle and reuse with an eye toward creating something lasting and beautiful.

Here is to living a DIY lifestyle and doing more to create the life you have always dreamed of!