the farm
Fall skies at the farm

On a crisp fall weekend in 2010, we began work on what we now call The Farm – or as most know it, Old World Garden Farms.

It was little more than a 3 acre plot of land covered in overgrown thickets and small trees. Over the course of the past few years  – we have carved out a parcel of land that now accounts for nearly 75% of our families food.

We have tried to incorporate simplicity and responsibility into every facet of our lives as we slowly work on our dream on building the farm from scratch – making it a rule to build our dream on a budget.

That dream includes a barn made from two old barns, a reclaimed pallet chicken coop, a raised row garden, honey bees, small orchard, vineyard and hopefully someday very soon – our house!

The links below will take you to every part of our farm – from our Sunday Farm Updates that tell the entire story from week to week, from our chickens, bees, barn building, diy project, house project and more. We hope you enjoy the story – and hope it helps to inspire you to follow your dreams as well!

After all, with a little hard work – anything is possible.

the farm
The Farm Stories – Weekly Stories From The Farm
the farm
The Chickens = Raising Our Chickens 
the farm
The Simple House Project At The OWG Farm
The Barn Project - Creating Our Barn From 2
The Barn Project – Creating Our Barn From 2

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