All in all – we would have to say that the most talked about of any venture we have going on at the farm are the chickens.  ”The Coop” as we call it – is usually the first place visitors to the farm go to see.  Our coop has been home since early 2011 to our little flock (we started with nine).

With a few minutes of care each day – they have provided us with a little over 4 dozen eggs each week – and maybe even more importantly – an incredible supply of organic matter for our compost bins.

It’s amazing how each of our chickens has developed their own personality.  Click below on the links to read any of the posts on our ladies.

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News From The Coop – The Chickens Are Happy! 

Happy 1st Birthday – The Girls Turn One

Chickens Sentenced To 6 Months In Minimum Security

A Doghouse?  A Playhouse?  A Chicken What?



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