Pallets are a great way to build almost any project at virtually no cost and with great results.  

We have built many of the structures on our farm with pallets – including our chicken coop and compost bin and garden signs!  

Throw in our mailbox, canning cabinet, and shelves at the house – and you will see that pallets are the basis of a lot of our creations.  

We created this page to highlight those project, along with a few tips of the trade when working with them.

Just click on the pictures below to go straight to the individual project or tip.

Jim and Mary

One thought on “Pallet Projects

  • January 19, 2017 at 9:48 pm

    It had taken me 11 months to collect 150 pallets all the same size to build my house. The key being they are consistently all the same size, so they fit together like Lego Blocks, using short pieces of 2 X 4s to link them up. Pallets all by themselves are very strong, so I even used them in-between my 2 X 6 rafters for my roof. I also used them for my raised beds; standing them up on their ends and keeping them together by a 2 X 4 cap; the same method as used for framing a house. So that you will not have a bulge when back filling them; you will need 2 X 4s in between each section of pallets. A 3 foot deep raised bed is probably overkill, so on top of the anti-bulging 2 X 4s I put up a false bottom about one foot from the top, which is deep enough for most vegetable plants. However, I did have enough back fill for one of them to avoid a false bottom.

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