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Pallet Tips And Tricks

Our Pallet Tips and Tricks Page

pallet tips
A single pallet is all you need to get started!

With our pallet tips and trick page – you can be building great-looking projects in no time at all!

Pallets are a great way to build almost any project at little to no cost – making it great for those looking to stay within a budget.

We have built many of the structures in our home and on our farm with pallet wood  – including our chicken coop, canning cabinet, compost bins, wine rack, mailbox, garden crates and more.  The key is knowing where to find them and how to make the most of every pallet.

With a little ground work, pallets can usually be found for free – and used by themselves or in conjunction with purchased lumber – the projects you can build are only limited by your imagination!

From how to quickly take them apart – to where to find them for free – we created this page to pass along all of our pallet tips and tricks learned in our years of working with them.

Just click on the picture below to view the article – and get building!

Pallet Tips and Tricks:

pallet tips
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pallet tips
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Pallet Tips
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pallet tips
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6 Must Have Tools For The Re-purposer
pallet tips
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