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Pest & Insect Control

Pests and insects can cause big damage to gardens, flowerbeds and the landscape! Check out our latest articles below on how to control pests and insects, and grow your way to a healthier garden and landscape.

How To Protect Your Garden From Cabbage Worms And Moths – Naturally!

Anyone who has ever grown cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower knows the damage cabbage worms and cabbage moths can do! One day your plants are healthy and vibrant, and then suddenly it looks like they have become riddled with holes like a fine block of Swiss cheese. Before you know it, plants are wilting away, and…

5 Natural Garden Sprays For Combating Insects, Pests and Animals

When you rely on your garden to provide a large portion of your family's food - you want to make sure that the food coming out is as healthy and pure as possible. For us, that means using ZERO pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Good organic practices help deter garden pests naturally It's ironic in a way,…