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Whether it’s growing potatoes or sweet potatoes, we have you covered with everything from planting, to long-term care and harvesting. Including an incredible way to grow both in crates and straw bales!

Just click on any of our potato growing articles below and grow your best crop of potatoes ever!

The Easiest Way To Grow Potatoes Ever – How To Grow Potatoes In Crates!

When it comes to the easiest way ever to grow potatoes, there is simply nothing better than growing potatoes in inexpensive, homemade potato crates! Over the years, we have covered the topic of planting and growing potatoes vertically in homemade wooden crates. The crates are certainly simple and uncomplicated. In fact, we make ours using…

How To Grow Sweet Potato Slips – And Grow Sweet Potatoes With Ease!

Growing your own delicious crop of sweet potatoes is easy, fun and inexpensive - especially when you can start your own plants from homemade sweet potato slips! Sweet potatoes have certainly grown more popular then ever. Not only are they an incredible source of vitamins and essential fiber, they also have a lower sugar index…

The Most Incredible Way To Plant, Grow And Harvest Sweet Potatoes Ever!

It's official - without a shred of doubt, I think we have truly stumbled upon the most incredible way to grow and harvest sweet potatoes ever! And yes, it happens to work amazingly well for traditional potatoes too! Sweet potatoes have become a…