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Potatoes - Old World Garden Farms

Whether it’s growing potatoes or sweet potatoes, we have you covered with everything from planting, to long-term care and harvesting. Including an incredible way to grow both in crates and straw bales!

Just click on any of our potato growing articles below and grow your best crop of potatoes ever!

How To Plant Potato Crates – The Easiest Way To Grow Potatoes Ever!

Spring is in full force, and that means its time to plant potato crates in our garden. And it might just be about the easiest garden chore we have! But it certainly wasn't always that way. Up until about 5 years ago, we struggled like every other gardener does with the laborious task of growing…

The Most Incredible Way To Plant, Grow And Harvest Sweet Potatoes Ever!

It's official - without a shred of doubt, I think we have truly stumbled upon the most incredible way to grow and harvest sweet potatoes ever! And yes, it happens to work amazingly well for traditional potatoes too! Sweet potatoes have become a…

How To Grow Potatoes In Your Garden

For someone trying to grow more of their own food - there may be no better choice to add to the garden plan than potatoes.  They can be used at breakfast time, lunch time or dinner – and they can store well too – making them a great staple crop! Potatoes…