Our Raised Row, No-Till Garden provides us with thousands of pounds of vegetables each year.

It is truly THE answer to having great home-grown produce without having to spend countless hours weeding, tilling, hoeing and spraying.

A Raised Row Garden (RR Garden) uses just soil and mulch to create raised growing rows and walking rows that are easy to maintain, contain little to no weeds, and produce amazing results year after year! No need to ever till, and no need for expensive raised beds.

raised row garden
Gardening Made Simple!

Check out our top articles below to learn how to create, plant, care and maintain a Raised Row Garden with ease – and reduce weeds in your garden to near zero!

And for the ultimate RR Gardening resource, be sure to check out our top selling book “Raised Row Gardening” – a complete resource for everything Raised Row!

The Raised Row Garden Resource Guide By Season

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Take a look at all of our articles over the years on RR Gardening, and grow your best garden ever this year!

How To Set Up A Raised Row Garden This Fall For A Great Garden Next Year!

Whether converting an existing garden, or building one entirely from scratch, there is simply no better time to create and set up a Raised Row Garden than in the fall! A Raised Row Garden is easier to maintain, and produces an abundance of crops. Best of all, you never need to till! Not only will…

The Master Gardener’s Raised Row Pantry Garden Project – Giving At Its Best!

We were both excited and flattered this past spring when Lori Swihart, Program Coordinator for the Licking County Master Gardener Volunteers group, contacted us to tell us of their group's plan to create a Pantry Garden using our Raised Row Gardening method. Especially when we discovered that all of the produce was to be donated…

Gardening With Too Much Rain – The Secrets To Success. (With Video)

When it comes to gardening with too much rain, this has been a year for the record books. Up until Friday of this past week, we had an unbelievable stretch of 13 straight days where rain fell at some point on our little farm. Five of those days included rains of more than an inch.…

Teaching The Raised Row Method – How To Grow Vegetables With Ease!

When it comes to the raised row method of gardening, its all about keeping the process of growing vegetables simple, easy, organic, and most of all - fun! Our first Raised Row Garden started out in 2011 as an experiment. In essence, it was a way for us to attempt to garden smarter, and not…

How To Create A Simple, Weed-Free, Low-Maintenance Vegetable Garden

Garden season is around the corner - so how about making this the year to create an incredible low-maintenance vegetable garden! You can actually do it quite easily. And, believe it or not, it can be weed-free. All without having to spend hours upon hours in the garden. There is nothing quite…

An Incredible Record Setting Harvest – Raised Row Garden Magic!

It has been simply nothing short of a record-setting harvest for our raised row garden this year! To date, over 1000 tomatoes, 100+ green bell peppers, and a few hundred more of both sweet and hot peppers have been pulled from the garden. And that all comes on the heels of a huge cucumber, zucchini,…

6 Simple Garden Tools – The Only Tools Needed For An Amazing Garden!

All it takes is a few simple garden tools to have an amazing, weed free, and highly productive garden. In fact, as we see it, 6 just about does the trick just perfectly! This past week, we received a wonderful email from a Wisconsin gardener explaining how he had decided to switch this year to…

One Big Day Today! – Can You Please Help Us With A Dream?

Today is the day! I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that there has never been a day that we have been more excited, jubilant, nervous, proud, humbled and scared all at the same time. But that is exactly what we are feeling at the very moment you read these words. [caption id="attachment_31344" align="alignright"…

Ever since we first began to implement our RR Gardening techniques in our backyard garden some 7 years ago, we have been stunned at how amazingly simple vegetable gardening can be!

And as we started writing and speaking about it to others, the method took on a life of its own. So much so, that in 2018, it even led to our book about the entire method.

Just pure simple gardening with little to zero weeding!