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Weekly Farm Updates

Each Sunday – we publish our “Sunday Weekly Farm Update”. The topics vary from week to week and season to season. Planting the garden, raising our chickens, the progress of our little wine vineyard and apple orchard – or the latest building project on the farm.

Quite simply, it’s our way of telling the everyday story of building our dream – Old World Garden Farms

The Completed Garden Plan For 2014 – Gearing Up For Vegetable Season!

Published on
As much as we love the holiday…

Home-Grown and Home-Made Christmas Gift Baskets – Creating Gifts From The Heart

Published on
There is something so special about a homemade Christmas gift.  It gives those traditional gift exchanges among friends and families an extra dose of special meaning. In fact, some of…

The Cabin Project – Creating A Quiet, Self-Sufficient Place To Stay At The Farm

Published on
The "concept" cabin. This is a shed project completed by Sean, a blogger from Minnesota. We are adapting the plans to be a comfy get-away cabin…

Growing And Harvesting Popcorn – Popcorn Picking Time At The Farm!

Published on
This week was popcorn harvest time at the farm!  We have waited all year for our little crop to…

Growing Simple…How To Keep The “FUN” In Gardening…And Maybe Life!

Published on
!I thought I would take a moment to answer a question we seem to be asked almost every day by someone – How do you keep gardening and your projects…

What To Do With A Banner Crop Of Peppers – The Sunday Farm Update

Published on
The pepper crop in the garden has come to life in the last few weeks. Thankfully - every year - the majority of the peppers seem to come on about…

Tomato Season At The Farm – What To Do With All Of Those Tomatoes

Published on
It is here.  Tomato season has arrived at the farm and like every year - it becomes…

The Farm Hits 1,000,000…And Exciting News With Hometalk!

Published on
Our garden - one of our favorite places to…

The Honey Bees Arrive At The Farm! The Sunday Farm Update

Published on
The bees are shipped…

The New Chicken Coop Is Completed – Building Security For Our Chickens

Published on
Finally!  The new coop is complete. With just a few small finishing touches to make this week - it will be ready to house our chickens for years to come.…

The Garden Plan For 2013

Published on
There is nothing quite like planning the garden to make…

The 2013 Goal List Is Up On The Fridge!

Published on
It's hard to believe - but tomorrow will mark the final day of 2012.  With the…

Building Our Farm One Pergola At A Time

Published on
It's a bit funny how it all started.  I would love…
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