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Creating Your Own Outdoor Paradise

Beyond getting to meet so many spectacular people – one of the most rewarding aspects of building our pergolas is knowing that they become a special place for people from all over to enjoy their own backyard space.

Creating An Outdoor Room – We were blown away when we saw what Robin and her husband created with the pergola

I am always amazed at the creativity of people and how they can take something and make it completely their own.  

Although the basics of how we build our wooden pergolas are the same – each and every one looks completely different once someone takes it into their own space.

This past week we received an email from one such couple that truly blew us away with the space they created.  Robin and her husband contacted us back in the early summer after building a patio from reclaimed brick, and wanted an outdoor pergola structure to go over it.  

So, over the next few weeks, like we so often do, we traded emails and pictures and worked our way through the design and size of it.  It ended up being a large pergola –  16′ x 14′ with 12′ posts to be sunk in the ground. On a sunny Sunday in early July, they came down and picked up their pergola kit.  

What they did with it from there is simply amazing – building an outdoor paradise – complete with curtains, lights, tables and chairs.

Our original garden pergola

It’s neat really to think sometimes where all of the pergolas have ended up.  

They have been installed on the top of a 40 foot deck overlooking a small forest – on top of a loft in the middle of Cincinnati -and in backyards across Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania.  We never get tired of getting pictures back from those that have purchased – telling us how they have “made it their own”.  

We love the stories of enjoying their morning coffee outside, having  an outdoor dinner, or enjoying a glass of wine at night under the stars.  It makes us happy to see others enjoying their own “little slice of heaven” – just like we enjoy ours at our farm.  

You can also see our post on Tips and Tricks To Building Your Own Pergola for more info. 

And for those wanting to build their own – we even have step by step plans with downloadable templates to make a great looking pergola without breaking the bank!  See : Etsy Pergola Plans

Jim and Mary

One of our 16 x 16 pergolas built over a patio - this is another of my favorites.
One of our 16 x 16 pergolas built over a patio – this is another of my favorites.
Still my favorite ,our barn pergola