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The Farm Hits 1,000,000…And Exciting News With Hometalk!

Building our barn was the best

Our Recycled Barn – One of our favorite projects completed on the farm

Saturday was a good day for Old World Garden Farms!

15 months ago, when we first started this blog to document building our little farm – we felt fortunate to have a few followers and a few hundred visitors each week. We enjoyed sharing our 3 weekly updates, The Sunday Farm Update Post, Tuesday DIY and gardening articles, and our Friday recipes.  

We used to joke about someday getting to 10,000 visitors, and a 100 followers.  Well, yesterday – in what still seems crazy to us – we passed our 1,000,000th visitor to the site and our 11,000th email follower!  

The milestone couldn’t have come at a better time – as we have a lot of exciting new ventures going on at the farm and the blog. We figured it was a great time to announce them today on the Sunday Update.

Hometalk and Old World Garden Farms – Planning Our First Garden Meet-Up Event

Maybe the most exciting news of the week is being selected by Hometalk to host a Meet-Up that will be taking place later this summer in Central Ohio. For those that don’t know – Hometalk is an incredible website devoted to DIY, Gardening And Landscaping – and creating a platform for people to instantly tap into others hard-earned experience.  They have featured many of our projects on their site in the past year, and we are so excited to be chosen to co-host a meet up event with them on our favorite subject – gardening!

old world garden farms logo smallWe have been working with Miriam Illions, the Director Of Community Development for Hometalk, to host the event here in Central Ohio.  We are still working out the details, but we will be partnering with Hometalk and a local Central Ohio Greenhouse to host an afternoon covering gardening techniques and tips that we use at the farm – including composting, raised bed gardening and more.  We will even have a a demo on working with pallets to build your own compost bin. It will be a great day to share gardening ideas and spread the word about one of our favorite sites, Hometalk.

We will be sure to publish all the details of the event in next Sunday’s post.  If you are close to the Columbus, Ohio area – we invite you to come on over and meet with us and share in a great day.  For those a little farther away – we will be sure to post lost of pictures and updates of the event!

sunday farm updates

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While we are at it, we also want to take a minute to thank so many other blogs and websites that have helped us grow over the last year by showcasing our stories, recipes and gardening tips. In particular, Homestead Survival, Canning Granny and Prepper Chicks have all been instrumental in highlighting so many of our stories and posts to their readers – and they are incredibly wonderful web sites full of great information!

Last but not least – we extend a huge Old World Garden Farm “Thank You” to everyone who has visited, commented and shared in our stories to get us to our first million visits. We feel so fortunate to have such wonderful and loyal followers, and hope you continue along with us as our story at Old World Garden unfolds.  We hope someday, to document the entire journey in our ultimate dream – the writing and publishing of a book about our little farm. More than anything else, we will continue to do what we love the most – work and build our little farm one day at a time.

Happy Gardening – Jim and Mary!

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