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cropped-cropped-owgheader.jpgEach Sunday – we publish our “Sunday Farm Update”. The topics vary from week to week and season to season. Planting the garden, raising our chickens, the progress of our little wine vineyard and apple orchard – or the latest building project on the farm.  Quite simply, it’s our way of telling the everyday story of building our dream – Old World Garden Farms.

Just click on any of the links below to read each week’s post:

3/15/2015  Preparing For Gardening Season – Starting The Seeds

3/8/2015  The Building of a Dream -Thank You!

3/1/2015  Who Inspired You?  Our Story of Inspiration

2/22/2015  Are We Worth It? The Growing Simple Book Launch Project

2/15/2015  OWG Hits The Road – Pergola Style And A Big Announcement

2/8/2015  The Best Tomatoes For Growing, Eating and Canning

2/1/2015  Winter Photos From The Farm

1//25/2015  Buying, Starting and Saving Vegetable Seeds

1/18/2015  8 Must Grow Plants For This Years Garden

1/11/2015  The Goodness of Homemade Bread

1/4/2015  The 2015 Garden Plan

12/28/2014  The “Top 24″ Goals – Setting The To-Do List For 2015

12/21/2014  Christmas Night At Grandma’s – A Family Tradition Like No Other

12/7/2014 Santa Claus is Back With His Barn

11/23/2014  Designing Our “Tiny House” for the Farm

11/9/2014 Preparing to Sell – and Feeling the Pain

11/2/2014 Preparing The Honeybees for Winter

10/26/2014  Making Fresh Homemade Spices For Chili, Taco’s, Pizza and More

10/19/2014  Preparing The Chicken Coop For Winter

10/12/2014  The Building of a Farm in 40 Photos

10/5/2014  Doing What You Love – A Valuable Lesson

9/28/2014  The One A Day / 365 De-cluttering Project

9/21/2014   Early Autumn Photos From The Farm

9/14/2014  Collecting Falls Bounty To Make A Compost Pile

9/7/2014  5 Million Reasons To Live A More Simple Life

8/31/2014  The Garden Re-Design  Fences, Walkways And More

8/24/2014  Pepper Mania – How To Use All Of Those Garden Peppers

8/17/2014 The Great Potato Crate Experiment

8/10/2014  Summer Photos From The Farm – August

8/3/2014  The Completed Fire Pit Project

7/27/2014  Harvesting Heirloom Tomatoes and Making Pasta Sauce

7/20/2014  Canning From The Garden – Stocking The Shelves

7/13/2014  The Stone Fire Pit Project Begins

7/6/2014  Early Summer Photos From The Farm

6/22/2014 Keeping Potted And Hanging Plants Beautiful All Year Long

6/15/2014  The June Garden Update – Harvesting And More Planting!

6/8/2014  The Start Of The Cabin Project

6/1/2014  Thinning, Trimming and Pruning In The Garden

5/25/2014 Spring Photos From The Farm

5/18/2014 Preparing For Frost And A TV Crew

5/11/2014 Celebrating A Family Of Great Moms

5/4/2014 Sharing Among Family And Friends – Pergolas And Garden Classes

4/27/2014 The Bees Arrive – Along With A Feisty Queen

4/20/2014  5 Ways To Know Garden Season Is Here

4/13/2014  Preparing Indoor Seedlings For Outdoor Life

4/6/2014  Simple Ways To Garden Without Spending Money

3/30/2014  The Building Of A Simple Life

3/23/2014  Building Beehives And Collecting Rain Water

3/16/2014  Farm And Garden To Table – Self Sufficiency

3/9/2014  Preparing For Gardening Season

3/2/2014    An Old Fashioned Barn Raising At The Farm – Well, Cabin Raising.

2/23/2014  Pergolas, Arbors And Garden Structures – Building Our Farm

2/16/2014  Gardening and Canning Classes At The Farm

2/9/2014   Keeping Bees – Adding More Hives To The Farm

2/2/2014  Starting Our Garden Seeds Indoors

2/26/2014  Winter Photos From The Farm

2/19/2014  Using Pallets To Build A Dream

1/12/2014  Building Our Hoop House / Greenhouse On The Cheap

1/05/2014  The Garden Layout and Plan For 2014

12/29/2013  The 2014 Goals List For The Farm

12/22/2013  Making Home Grown and Home Made Gift Baskets

12/8/2013  The Goals List – Reviewing This Year’s Goals

12/1/2013  Taking Care Of Our Honeybees In The Winter

11/24/2013  Thanksgiving At The Farm – 2020

11/17/2013  The Cabin Layout and Design – Phase 2

11/10/2013  Being Prepared – How The Garden Feeds Us Year Round

11/03/2013  Preparing The Garden, Tools And Equipment For Winter

10/27/2013  Preparing The Coop And Chickens For WInter

10/20/2013   A Class Visit To The Farm – Contest Winners

10/13/2013  Our Big Thank You Give Away And Name The Cabin Contest

10/6/2013  The Cabin Project – Creating A Self Sufficient Place At The Farm

9/29/2013  The Beauty Of Fall – The Farm In Pictures

9/22/2013  Growing And Harvesting Popcorn At The Farm

9/15/2013  Growing Simple…Keeping The Fun In Gardening

9/8/2013  What To Do With A Banner Crop Of Peppers

9/1/2013  The Farm Makes Its First TV Appearance!

8/25/2013  The Sensory Project Update

8/18/2013  A TV Crew Comes To The Farm & Fall Planting

8/11/2013  The Power Of The Farms “To Do” List

8/4/2013  What To Do With All Of Those Tomatoes At The Farm

7/28/2103  Eating Fresh From The Garden – Harvest In Full Swing

7/21/2013  Preparing For Canning And Freezing Season

7/14/2013  Building The Hillside Vineyard Pergola

7/07/2013  The Benefits And Ease Of Keeping Chickens

6/30/2013  The Garlic Harvest Begins

6/23/2103  Growing Grapes And Creating A Small Vineyard

6/16/2013  The Farm In Pictures – June’s Blooms

6/9/2013  Visitors To The Farm

6/2/2013  Finding Ways To Make More Compost

5/26/2013  Battling Frost On The Cheap – And The Farm Expands!

5/19/2013  Planting The Garden 

5/12/2013  The Farm Hits 1,000,00, And Exciting Hometalk News!

5/5/2013  The Honey Bees Arrive At The Farm!

4/28/2013   Diggin Holes, Building Fences and Great Neighbors

4/21/2013  The New Chicken Coop Is Completed At The Farm!

4/14/2013  Its Pergola Season At The Farm – Tips To Building Your Own

4/7/2013  The New Chicken Coop Rises And The Farm Comes Alive

3/31/2013   Raccoons, Hens And Bees – But No Bunnies

3/24/2013  Dealing With A Little Sadness At The Farm

3/17/2013  Creating Our Simple And Inexpensive Rain Water Collection System

3/10/2013  The Chicks Are Here!!! – Raising Our New Chicks For The Farm

3/03/2013  The Completed Sensory Garden Plan At The Farm

2/24/2013  Cutting Back And Dividing Ornamental Grasses On The Farm

2/17/2013  Starting Our Seeds Indoors – Let Spring Begin!

2/10/2013  Top 12 Photos From The Farm

2/3/2013   The Barn Pergola Project And Our 1 Year Anniversary

1/27/2013   The Launch Of Old World Garden Vintage

1/20/2013   Chicken Coops and Honey Bees

01/13/2010 – The 2103 Plan For The Garden

01/06/2010 – Keeping Our Chickens Happy In The Winter

12/30/2012 – The 2013 Goals List

12/23/2012 – Winter Arrives At The Farm

12/16/2012 – The Tables Are Up –  And 3 “Growing Us” Goals For 2013

12/9/2012 – You Can Park In The Garage Again Honey

12/2/2012 – The Top 5 Goals For The Farm

11/25/2012 – The Silo Rise On The Farm And Saving Money By Saving Seeds

11/18/2012 – Opportunity Comes Knocking On The Farm..On A Table

11/11/2012 -Preparing For Winter At The Farm

11/4/2012 – November Farm Photos And A Wedding

10-28-2012  31 Years Later – A Dream Is Fullfilled

10-21-2012   Fall Embraces The Farm

10-14-2012  Your Building A What For The Farm?

10-7-2012  The Fall Farm In Photos – October

9-30-2012 The Farm Makes The News!

9-23-2012 The Chores Of Fall On The Farm

9-16-2012 Bambi And Friends Strike The Farm

9-14-2012  A Big Week For The Farm and Blog!  Happy 100th!

8-31-2012 Canning Is Cool – The Class

8-26-2012  Creating an Outdoor Paradise With A Pergola

8-21-2012 The Beauty, Versatility of Ornamental Peppers

8-12-2012  Building A Sensory Garden For Special Needs Children

8-5-2012 The Farm and Garden In Pictures

8-2-2012  The Barn Party in Pictures

7-30-2012  The Outdoor Kitchen Project Completed!

7-24-2012  A Barn Raising In Photos

7-15-2012  We Will Make No Wine Before It’s Time

7-8-2012  The Farm and Garden In Pictures – July

7-5-2012:  The Flag Flies Again – A Piece of History Restored

7-2-2012  Mother Nature Flexes Her Muscle

6-24-2012  Mid-Season Garden Review

6-22-2012  Barn Landscaping Project – Finished On A Dime

6-9-2012   And The Winner Is…

6-5-2012  How My Sister, Brother-In-Law and A Mountain caused our Greenhouse Project

6-3-2012:  The Farm In Pictures – 1st week of June

6-2-2012: The Barn Pergola Patio Begins

5-29-2012:  Poetic Justice. Build It – And It Will Rain

5-26-2012:  Have Gutters – Need Rain

5-22-2012:   Trenches, Gravel, Drains & Bob The Tool Guy

5-18-2012: Retaining Wall Work – Will It Ever Be Finished?

5-13-2012:  A Perfect Mothers Day Family Day

5-12-2012:  The Garden In Pictures – May

5-12-2012:  Happy First Birthday Girls

5-8-2012:  Who We Are – And Why We Do What We Do

5-5-2012:  The Garden Plan

5-2-2012:  The Cajun Belle Pepper – A great addition to your garden!

5-1-2012:  Moving 20 ton of rock into place

4-29-2012: The List

4-25-2012:  The Groundhog Dilemma

4-18-2012:  Looking Back in Time With Photos

3-21-2012:  Chickens sentenced to 6 months in a minimum security prison

3-13-2012: The Farm..A Perspective From A 12 Year Old

3-1-2012: Inferno Bread – Why Not To Use Good Baking Bans When Drying Hot Peppers

2-10-2012 – What Are  You Building – A Dog House? A Play House?  A Chicken What????




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