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We’re So Happy – We Built You A Snowman! The Pledge Drive Update…YOU ROCK!

SnowmanWe wanted to send a quick note out tonight to say that we are truly overwhelmed with what has happened so far with our Kickstarter campaign for the Grow Simple Book and Tour Project.  You people ROCK!

It has been simply amazing to this point.  As of this writing at 6:45 pm tonight – we have reached 28% of our goal and raised $2385.00 towards the $8500.00 target. We have pledges from Virginia to California – and 18 other states in between – and one all the way from Australia!

Yes – we have a long way to go – and we still need everyone’s support and help  – but Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for getting this off to a great start!

We are new to this whole Kickstarter concept – and really had no idea of what to expect – but the key is definitely to have as many supporters and pledges as possible to fuel the campaign.

Truth be told – we were a little nervous after the post went out today and had no idea of what to expect.

So to ease the nerves we went out to the farm and had a little fun – building a good luck snowman for the project – complete with hair made from ornamental grasses! I think he needs a name! – Any Suggestions?

Please keep sharing – and help spread the word – thank you to all who have donated to the cause!  Every donation counts – no matter the amount – and we so appreciate every one!

Here is the link again if you want to help!  OWG Grow Simple KickStarter Campaign

So far a BIG THANK YOU TO :  Rob F, Kelsey F, Ted V, Katie H, Joe C, Andrew C, Ken M, Lara M, Mary H, Sydelle D, Sara T-B, Daphne C,Tina W, Lisa C-S, Rachel, Melissa S, Arlene J, Judith M, Tikva J, Julie B, Bob R, Rick and Ruth Ann R, Jan B, Todd T, Brenda H, Heather A, Marlene J, Sharon H, Mary P, Cheri S, Tricia P, Carolyn M, Vikki J, Rick D, Reta P, Susanne D, Christina N, Dee Dee B, Carla H, Andy B, Peter B, Bonnie, Carol O, Evan and Karen K, Ruby O, Donna, Victoria and Robert C.

Thank You So Much – Jim and Mary!

Kickstarter Goal Target